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  1. Hi,Everyone I am trying to make a Windows 7 Backup Disc using Acronis Backup and recovery 2010 from a VMWare workstation Virtual machine which I intend to restore to a Physical Machine.About 8 years back I did this with Windows XP using Microsoft virtual PC and Acronis.And that disc has served me well over the years restoring my completely customised XP setup to alot of Physical Machines with varying hardware configurations without any issue.Since a lot has changed and with so many different options , can someone Guide me with the best options so that i can save time by not trying everything out available.Main issues being as follows: Virtualisation Softwares: Microsoft virtual PC - too old will it still work?? VMware - the hard disks types available are only IDE or SCSI , No SATA . Will that be a problem if a restore a SCSI virtual disk to Physical SATA disk VirtualBox - lacks aero support, any other issues i should take into account?? I have a Dual boot setup with XP32bit and Windows 7 64bit and I really dont know how to go about it.What I want is individual backups of both operating system which I can restore when anyone of the OS has any problem. What I have thought so far is as follows: On the virtual machine Install Windows XP first on partition C and then Windows 7 on Partion D Make Individual backups of both partitions Now the issue here is will those backups work in all the scenarios like restoring Virtual Partition C to Partition C of Physical machine wont affect Windows 7 on Partition D of Physical machine and Vice Versa, in terms of the boot files(**** thats confusing) Another issue being the System Reserved hidden Partition created by Windows 7.How will that be handled?? I know alot things can be found by trial and error but I am short on time these days.Anyone tried any of this stuff who can give me some suggestions Thanks
  2. well found the solution to the third problem
  3. Hi I am working on a windows 7 theme and have certain issues and doubts.If someone could give me some clues and insight in to how aero works would be really great 1.Drop shadow in Start menu The image i made for start menu has a drop shadow of about 3 pixels which is not coming as it should be in windows style builder I have done some research and the result is the image does not have any problem........it works fine in one of the themes called Mac 7 Mac 7 Theme there has to be a setting that makes it work related to transparency in images or shadow fill etc Here are the two images that show the difference 2.How to make a theme that changes color when hue is changed from Personalization How does Aero work ??? what do i need to create for the color system to work There is one more issue here , I normally turn off the transparency as I like the solid colorfill.But when transparency is turned off all the smooth drop shadows around windows and start menu turn into ugly borders. 3.When i make a Semi transparent image for start menu this how it turns out to be in the theme.What is that dark color coming below the program list?? Thanks
  4. the Z55 00 display shows only two things: 1.Input: Optical or Direct 2.Effect: Various settings like music,movie,stereo etc for both optical and direct it does not show 5.1 or DTS
  5. okay am not sure but alot of people think they get 5.1 where as its just 2 channels spread over 5 and not the "True 5.1" in powerDVD when i play a dvd and select 6 speakers from the Configuration--->Audio---->Speaker environment = 6 speakers you should get sound from all speakers.....i get sound from all speakers in direct mode but not optical in AC3 files or video with AC3 sound when played the output levels in the AC3 Filter configuration dialog shouls show signals in all 6 channels but mine shows only in 2 so its not true 5.1
  6. Hi, My motherboard is Gigabyte P35 DS3R and spekers are logitech Z5500.Am unable to get surround sound through optical cable.Sound comes from only the front left and front right speakers.I get 5.1 from direct coaxial cables but not optical. I have tried different content ....DVDs,5.1 AC3 files.Tried different players Window media player,VLC,PowerDVD but am not able to get true 5.1 through OPtical out. In the Realtek HD audio manager also when i test for the speaker setup,Sound comes from only the Front left n right speakers.I have been looking for a solution for quite some time.I have read on some forums that the optical out provides only 2 channels and not 5.1.If thats true it is pretty lame to use the optical out. Will buying a coaxial digital (S/PDIF) out cable solve the problem. What are my other otions in terms of sound cards.Whats the cheapest option??? cheers
  7. Hi this question has been asked so many times and i have read it so many times and i feel like a noobe.......only that i have been modding xp for the last 7 years. Okay getting back to the real problem.....i have changed the folder thumbnail so many times by reshacking the shell32.dll but now i have moved on to 128 x 128 icons on a large display. For this to work the folder thumbnail icon has to be of the largest size so i used to make it 128 x 128 but now that i have 128 x 128 as the standard size for all icons the folder in icon view too is replaced by the folder thumbnail icon.I tried making it 256 x 256 but it doesnt get inserted into shell32.dll.....which i think is coz XP doesnt support that size....... I tried 180 x 180 and it worked ....i can now see 180 x 180 size icon in the shell32.dll but its not showing in the thumbnail view..tried everything like rebooting,rebuilding icon cache has anyone tried this with 128 x 128 icons and get it to work??
  8. ha ha i aint that dumb dude....anyhow i'll do a bit more retrospect and post further actually this thing is huge and am not getting time.. anyhow thanks for ur replies
  9. no i changed the script too.....well that was just one example....there are many icons that have not been changed even my pictures and my music icons are not changed... i'll put some screenshots for ya to see....thanks for the reply
  10. guys am still struggling to complete this.... But this is weird....Some icons are not being replaced by Xpize...i dont know why Xpize is pretty stable and many people are using it so am wondering if its only me who is facing this problem?? for ex- icon 8 and 9 in the shell32.dll ....both are HD icons...9 gets replaced but 8 doesnt
  11. it worked with the XIS but it does not have the xpize settings in the control panel.... any way to get over this problem?? Heres screenshot of some of the icons i have created....planning to do more if this works right and may be a public release of the shellpack
  12. hi where can i find the XPIZE 4.7b Source Code.I can find only 4.6 source code on the xpize site and am having some problems with it creating my own installer. Thanks
  13. capri435

    Help With Xpize

    Hi am trying to make my custom xpize installation. Extracted the file XPize46SCR.zip.... changed all the icons i wanted.....with all the sizes16,24,32,48,64,72,96 &128(only XP,no 16 & 256 colors) compiled the Installer.nsi script....got some errors.....coz i didnt had the upx installed....installed upx and changed the default path of the output file which seemed to be in documents folder of some user... "C:\Documents and Settings\Merom\Desktop\${PRODUCT_NAME} ${PRODUCT_VERSION}.exe" changed it to "C:\${PRODUCT_NAME} ${PRODUCT_VERSION}.exe" the installer got compiled perfectly without any errors.... but when i installed it i cudnt see any of the icons i changed.....mainly i changed the icons in the directory shell32.dll.....which seems to be in 2 places. XPize46SCR\Full\_FILES\DLL\shell32.dll and XPize46SCR\Full\Extras\Logoff\shell32.dll changed both of them.....compiled about 3-4 times but same results. the changed icons are there in the installed resources of xpize directory : C:\WINDOWS\XPize\Resources\shell32.dll but nothing has been changed....no icon no dialog.... what am i doing wrong ......anyone got a clue? it took me 4 days to create and change all those custom icons....and am all f****d up here.
  14. and yeah is there any method to save tweakui settings and load them back on a new installation
  15. Hi i want to make an unattended Windows Xp cd.I have integrated all the hotfixes using nlite.I'll be installing some important updates like .Net 1.1 & 3.0 and java etc using WPI and some registery tweaks.Now there r so many ways to do this that am getting confused.I have been searching the forum the whole day but theres no specific answer.I dont want to use any other software to do this like xplode,runonceEx etc... Cud some one plz tell me in simple words how do i combine all the three things: 1.The nlited windows installation 2.My WPI Configuration and 3.The registery Tweaks From the whole day i have spent at MSFN..i have learnt some stuff but still there r doubts. If i use : [COMMANDS] "regedit /s tweaks.reg" in the CMDLINES.txt file and put that in the $oem$ folder in the root of my cd......will i have to do anything in nlite?? And secondly how do i integrate nlite and WPI....i know it wud be done using Runonce but i havent been able to understand it cud someone Tell me step by step....am not much of a programmer.wud really appreciate Thanks.
  16. automate using keystrokes is a big no no....i tried but the loction of the gui varies alot in those 5000 installers.I tried USSF to find silent switch for the installer and it says unknown installer type.Even searched the net and the site of the vendor.Am new to silent installations....although i have used WPI but configuring WPI for those 5000 files will still be a big hassel.cud someone give me a general idea in basic steps how can i attempt to install these files silently
  17. hmmm seems to be the perfect place for ma problem....guys i have to install 4-5000 files.WHich might take few days.So what i want is extract them using uniextract and then move the files to where they belong.This is the type of files i have to install: http://rapidshare.com/files/47849535/Daz3D...hforms.exe.html they dont install any exes,no registery change.....all they do is extract files to 5-6 predetermined directories.The files in the installer vary and accordingly their destination directories. The thing is when i extract them with uniextract,it simply extracts them to a folder called main.So i wud have to fgure which file goes where. Is there any way uniextract extracts them with the directory structure intact?? it seems like the installer takes directions from a script which is a .bin file.Can anyone help me out with this.....download the file its just 500kb.When extracted,the main folder will have 3 files how can i know which file goes where??
  18. hi no programmer in here.....just a user.Thats a great effort u people r makin....keep it up. as a user what i suggest is it should atleast have all the tweaks present in Autopatcher....i found a no. of them missing.They r pretty essential.

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