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Strange problem


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thx cluberti, fixed perfectly. What caused that? And im still wondering about x64 vista?

Honestly, I couldn't say. It exists on a default install, so perhaps a game was installed onto the box that deleted it - I really couldn't say. As to x64, I wouldn't do it if you're running Creative hardware in your box, as they're notoriously bad with x64 drivers. As to the firewall and the svchost CPU issue, it's likely that the svchost.exe process was the network services svchost, which holds the server and workstation services (responsible for handling incoming and outgoing network traffic), and the firewall wasn't 100% vista compatible - I've seen that before with versions of ZoneAlarm (not the newest version, but some of the previous ones).

Were you ever able to get dumps of wmp?

it still hasnt crashed, go figure eh? It was crashing b4 I uninstalled nvidia firewall so mabe that had something 2 do with it. Thx 4 ur advice and all ur help :)

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