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  1. wow, I remember having problems with it when I built my new rig and gave up on it but now im betting this will solve all the problems I was having. ty
  2. nope but I guess I will later today. Thx all for trying. I switched over to VGA just now and its just fine on there, nothing cut off or anything but arnt I losing image quality with VGA? Ive also noticed I get an extra menu in my TVs menu that has the image moving thing but its only in VGA, not in DVI
  3. since patching my game has started crashing during multiplayer... good work crytek
  4. ive tried that, no other options besides 60. ive also tried messing with resolution and that didnt help either. Im going to try wiping my video drivers and installing new ones again. I have a 8800 GTX btw. EDIT: installing the latest nvidia drivers (169.28) did not fix it still EDIT2: because I used a unattended XP install my friend made. Ive looked and there is nothing for resizing or anything on my monitor
  5. nope all apps wmp just shows it most prominently. this is my monitor: http://www.westinghousedigital.com/details.aspx?itemnum=44 this problem was non-existent in vista but I went back to XP recently and thats when it came up. there is no option 2 center it (yes, i no that seems weird but ya...it isnt in the options menu 4 my monitor).
  6. pls tell me uve alrdy tried updating 2 the latest version of AOE2? On that hardware I know it has a chrashing problem on 1.0 AOE2 but the latest patch fixes the issue. EDIT: Infact that is the exact error ive seen b4 patching.
  7. Honestly, I couldn't say. It exists on a default install, so perhaps a game was installed onto the box that deleted it - I really couldn't say. As to x64, I wouldn't do it if you're running Creative hardware in your box, as they're notoriously bad with x64 drivers. As to the firewall and the svchost CPU issue, it's likely that the svchost.exe process was the network services svchost, which holds the server and workstation services (responsible for handling incoming and outgoing network traffic), and the firewall wasn't 100% vista compatible - I've seen that before with versions of ZoneAlarm (not the newest version, but some of the previous ones). Were you ever able to get dumps of wmp? it still hasnt crashed, go figure eh? It was crashing b4 I uninstalled nvidia firewall so mabe that had something 2 do with it. Thx 4 ur advice and all ur help
  8. thx cluberti, fixed perfectly. What caused that? And im still wondering about x64 vista?
  9. well wmp11 has yet 2 chrash, this post is about another issue (i have many issues, i know). When I try 2 launch any game from the games folder I get this error: . This error was sudden, it started 2 weeks ago after doing nothing strange, it just happened 1 day upon bootup. Ive tried editing its values for play n such but when I click the edit button absolutely nothing happens when i click it though, it just sits there as if I didnt click it. EDIT: ok now this is bothering me, U removed my sig and I understand y but I fixed it 2 where it was within the rules so y did u remove it again?
  10. wow thats awesome. Now wheres the guns so I can shootup my evil neighbors?
  11. ull also want 2 turn the security alerts message off or vista will continually bother u with messages that UAC is turned off.
  12. same here, since i uninstalled all has been much better. Ive got other probs id like help with though... 4 instance, with wmp11 I have 2. 1st, wmp quite often the 1st time I open it it will chrash 4 no reason. Another prob, sometimes when I close wmp11 it doesnt full close but just sits in the background. Pls dont suggest to use another program, I prefer wmp thx. Another question, would it b better 4 me speed wise 2 b running Vista x64 instead of x86? Specs: CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 GPU: EVGA GeForce 8800 GTX Superclocked Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty 2GBs of ram. 1 more thing, b4 I uninstalled the firewall, I observed a SVhost process using a constant 50% CPU (its stopped that since i uninstalled firewall) and in taskmanager I went ahead and right clicked that process and created a dump of it, would that dump be useful 2 u cluberti? if so then Id b happy 2 up it if u knew where windows put the dump file.
  13. Unfortunately, just like XP, driver support on release stinks from some vendors (*cough*Nvidia*cough*). IDEA 4 me anyways. Ive been running utorrent non stop for longer than ive been having this issue and when launching utorrent it gives me this error: Probably explains my problem. Ill switch 2 azueres 4 a few days and c what happens. 1 thing, after doing what u said 2 do in the last post im having LOTS of bad things happen and my comp is gettin pretty slow as a result of them so can we undo that mabe? So I haven't been running any torrent software. Don't even have any installed. If the problems are related and it looks like they are, then switching your torrent application probably won't make the problems happen any less often. In my case svchost crashes at random and it's a random instance every time. Sometimes it's the iphlsvc, sometimes it's the one running the themes service. I'm going to see when I get home tonight if I got any dumps, and find a way to uninstall that one firewall driver. This is annoying. I uninstalled the firewall just now and everything seems a bit better. Also undid what cluberti had me do earlier. So far so good ill post if it comes back. Thx for ur help guys.

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