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Problems installing XP after nlite


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My xpcd has gotten pretty big due to all Micro$ofts updates and since I heard such great things about nlite i figured I would try it. I used it to slipstream IE7 and to remove some items such as windows tour. When trying to install windows setup asks for all the files that i told nlite to remove. I am sure that I am missing something and there is a way to tell windows setup not to look for those files or something.. what am i doing wrong oh msfn gods?!

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This is most unusal as the files that tell the install procss which files to copy/put on to the hard drive are edited by nlite - depending on which components you removed depends on how the files will be edited.

there are multiple files that would need editing - if you werre to do it manually like dosnet txtsetup(?) etc. Do a search for the files if you want to know all of them (there are many threads/topics etc here at msfn on this very subject) .

If it is only a few files that are being asked for by setup maybe it will be worth editing the files manually.

I would suggest just trying to redo a nlited idisk or start from fresh.

Hop this helps.

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