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VLAN using different IP ranges


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I have a question, I have a new Cisco Access point we just purchased. I have noticed I can setup

multiple SSID's on different Vlan's. I would like to have one public that just has

internet access and one that has access to the rest of the network just like

the wired network. How would I get our DHCP server to give out different

IP's based on which VLAN a machine is connected to?


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You would need a DHCP relay agent for each subnet, and when that server gets a discover packet from a client it would forward it to the DHCP server. The DHCP server needs to have a scope defined for each subnet on which addresses to give out based on the requesting agent, and that is what I believe you are looking for.

A quick google search should help you out here.

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What type of Cisco AP? If you have a Cisco infrastructure you could run a trunk to the AP, however I wouldn't recommend this if your running your 'admin' network and a guest network to an AP. Screw Cisco, buy Aruba!!!!!!!!!!! Cisco is only in the wireless market b/c they can afford to buy all the companies that actually invented the hardware/software.

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