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Language issue during installation


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Ive made a bootable DVD of Windows x64 with Vlite. Disabling some useless features like sidebars and all these stuff.

Since I wanted to get Vista in french with the MUI French language pack. I kept every dependency features that allows to install new languages.

I formated and started the installation (In french). Everything is fine until the copying files (2nd phase) gets to 100% A error message shows up saying "Les configurations régionnales n'ont pas pu être installé" or something like that. Meaning in english : The regionnal configurations could not have been installed. So my thought was that I should install in english. But I get an other message (or maybe the right translation) : The langage could not been installed or something like that (I forgot to write those on a sheet of paper and im not at my home right now).

My first thought was that my french language pack was corrupt or something. But even the default english one seems to have problem. Is this bug already happened.

Could nyone help with this? May it has something to do with "regionnal languages"?

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Yes I did get a report that specifically French integration is broken somehow. Don't know if this is some extra dependency or a Windows bug (doubtful).

Gonna check it.


I'm getting the same error on a Vista 32bit Ultimate English DVD after having integrated the Italian MUI language pack. I converted the .exe file downloaded off of Windows Update with EXECAB application, it integrated correctly inside vLite 1.1 Beta, however when I tried installing Vista on a machine for testing purposes first it gave me that same error that it couldn't be possible to install the selected language. I selected the English one instead of the integrated Italian. I didn't try selecting Italian as default during installation, however it's needed that both languages work and since it's an original English DVD and so that language is working for sure... then somehow it got broken with the integration of the Italian MUI.

I also integrated all hotfixes released up until the end of October with vLite 1.1beta.

Since it's not possible to complete the installation I had to discard that integration test copy.

I will try just integrating the hotfixes to have an updated DVD disc in order to save some time during installations. However the Italian MUI pack will need to be installed on each machine manually, which obviously requires more time.

I didn't remove anything from the installation disk, no tweaks applied either. Only vLite options used were hotfixes and language pack/MUI integration.

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