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Cannot rebuild after computer account moved

Nic H

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I am building all computers to the OU container "Workstations" as specified in the RIS server properties. I also have a sub-OU under that called "Laptops". After the build I move all laptop computer accounts into the "Laptops" OU.

My problem is then when I try to rebuild a laptop, the CIW complains about duplicate machines and permisions to delete the computer account.

I find that the only way I can rebuild the laptop is if I delete the computer account first or move it back into the "Workstations" OU before rebuilding.

I have searched everywhere but cannot find info on this. Surely lots of people must have this problem?

Also, is there not a way to tell RIS through the CIW or sif file to create laptop computer accounts in one OU and desktops in another?

Any ideas?


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