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Any theme colors available aside from Royale Blue and Black?


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Hi All,

Has anyone created panel themes in colors beyond the Luna Royale Blue and Black? I am using XPize 4.7 (on Win XP) which has these two themes which are great. But it would be nice to have other Royale theme colors -- even if all that is provided is color for the window panel title bar/borders and the task bar then keeps the rest of the Luna Royale Blue customizations.

I am clueless as to how XPize does its magic (XPero and Pgase, you Rock!). But if this is possible to do by creating some BMP files myself and doing some sort of customization, I'd give it a shot. Any documents that describe a process?

BTW, MS will have to pry XP from 'From My Cold, Dead Hands'. So I am specifically interested in XP info.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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