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Hi ZaForD

I too have just being looking around for oemlogo's, however it seems that no one has made a collection.

The reason i am looking is i have started to get into oemscan, and since i see you made a post last year about collecting oemlogo i assume you are still in the process?

Since i don't think it has been created, i want to propose a collection that may help the Bezalel's oemscan project as well. I recently downloaded a small AutoIT program called GetFileSet from Siginet's forum, this is a small program (apparenly based on Bezalel's script) to collect oembios files from an OEM computer.

I was thinking if we could modify that script to also collect any OEM specific files such as the oembios.*, oembios.bmp, oeminfo.ini, etc

the script could also collect oobeinfo.ini which should have the OEM SLP keys

While i would like to keep this as legal as possible i do consider that we are not trying to do this in order to bypass or hack Windows, but solely to make re-installation more efficient.

Tell me what you think, and then maybe we could both approch Bezalel and Siginet and see whether the community can help us put together a repository of OEM files.

Just off the top of my head i have a FTP site that could be used for uploading, and perhaps i could do the work of organizing the files if Bezalel could host them on his site?

Let me know and then i can get some priliminary research done

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Hi TwoJ,

Yeah, I've been trying to collect the OEMLOGO files sets for a while.

I've only really been collecting the OEM Logo and Info files [with the help of some of the guys here]

I've got around 20 full sets, and few more OEMLOGO.BMP's that I've added a basic OEMINFO.INI to, [either because I couldn't find the .ini or they were not in English] most of the sets have some Wallpapers, Icons or Themes too.

Your more than welcome to any of them :yes:

[Just give me a couple of days to find them all :blushing: ]

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Ok thats great

But what do you think of collecting the oembios files and other OEM specific information?

I think i can whip up a little autoit script to collect the individual files and zip it up.

it would be great if i could also include a ftp client to upload it to my FTP server.

The only problem is really hosting, i think it would be really benifical to have the SLP keys that are usually included in the oobeinfo.ini file but i know that most people don't want to host that since that would probably be agaist MS.

I'll also have to try to find out about the legality of the oembios files as well, i don't think the oemlogo are a problem legally.

Let me know, i'll PM you later for some more details on this project if you are in to it

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Hi TwoJ,

I don't think theres any problem with hosting or sharing the OEMBIOS files, as the Mod's here at MSFN looked into it over the OEM Pre-Activation threads, and said they were OK to post.

The SLP keys on the other hand would get us and whoever hosted them into trouble, so its best to leave them out.

As for the oobeinfo stuff and the script to collect them, that maybe helpful to some people, but they're of little use to me as I refurbish and setup systems for local groups and charities. So the OOBE isn't that important, I just add the OEM logos, info and wallpaper for fun. :)

[Hence there the only files I've collected]

If I remember right. FreeStyler was working on the OOBE files in one of the Pre-Activation threads.

He might have some you could add ?

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