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nLite+WPI unattended CD


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i want to make an unattended Windows Xp cd.I have integrated all the hotfixes using nlite.I'll be installing some important updates like .Net 1.1 & 3.0 and java etc using WPI and some registery tweaks.Now there r so many ways to do this that am getting confused.I have been searching the forum the whole day but theres no specific answer.I dont want to use any other software to do this like xplode,runonceEx etc...

Cud some one plz tell me in simple words how do i combine all the three things:

1.The nlited windows installation

2.My WPI Configuration and

3.The registery Tweaks

From the whole day i have spent at MSFN..i have learnt some stuff but still there r doubts.

If i use :


"regedit /s tweaks.reg"

in the CMDLINES.txt file and put that in the $oem$ folder in the root of my cd......will i have to do anything in nlite??

And secondly how do i integrate nlite and WPI....i know it wud be done using Runonce but i havent been able to understand it cud someone Tell me step by step....am not much of a programmer.wud really appreciate


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