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Cannot Browse Network COmputers On Domain


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Hey, this is my first post, let me get direct to the point. I have 10 Computers on a 2000 Server Domain. All the computers can ping oneanother.

All the computers joined the Domain problem free. Created two test accounts, and those work fine. My problem is, if i go to "My Network Places on the Domain Controller" and browse the domain i see all the computers on the domain, but when i click to browse anyone of the computers i get the following message

(\\computername is not accessible. The Network Path was not found.)

But still when i go in active Directory i can see the computers there logged in can someone please help.


Windows 2000Server- Server

Windows Xp - Clients

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Your probably getting error 53. Even though this is probably redundant, i would try

net view \\pcname

Just to confirm error 53.

First, let me clarify here. You say the computer name, but you didn't specify if by ip or by FQDN. This is important to test DNS. Can you ping by pc name and ip address?

Anytime you have this kind of issue you want to do this:

ping ipaddress

ping pcname

ping loopback



net view \\pcname

net view \\ipaddress

The reason why you want to ping the loopback is to check tcp/ip is install correctly. Any errors here prob lead to a firewall installed.

Also, on xp pro clients is SFS (simple file sharing) disabled? If not, disable it. Disable any firewalls

that should help,


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I am having a similar problem. I am trying to set up a new win 2003 32 bit server. Currently running win2k on another machine which will eventually get win 2k3 once I have this win2k3 box working right. Last night I first connected these computers through a Linksys network everywhere 5 port hub. They can both connect to the internet and the win2k box is currently hosting out sites. After two hours of trying to get the computers pinging each other and or seeing each other in my network places, through no fault of my own, they connected. Came back to them today, having touched nothing and neither machine restarting, they cannot access each other. The win2k box can see the win2k3 machine in entire network but can no longer connect to it. The win2k3 machine does not see the win2k box besides one of the shared hd's, but cannot accesss.

Any help on getting these computers connected and sharing would be of great help.

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