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Audio during the selection screen?


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Hey everyone!

First of all, just wanted to say how great WPI is so far. I have just started using it and it is really easy to catch on to and get working!

I was woundering about the sound options. I see that the sound plays when the installations begin, how can I get the sound to play as soon as WPI is started?

When I install Windows, I tend to do other things, which take me away from the machine, enabling the sound to start as soon as WPI starts up would alert me that I may need to modify the installation packages... That would be a great help!

Also, I'd like to see an option in the audio options pane for volume control. I think a slider bar or just plain old text box where you could choose a percentage would be great. So far, WPI starts WM with the volume at 100%, I would like to be able to dictate that the volume is 30% (for example) when WPI starts WM.

I would like to implement the audio start when WPI starts (and continues while installation is going) ASAP. Can anyone help me modity the WPI hta, or the js scripts to enable this?

I will post this in the feature request forum as well :-)



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WPI Used to have that ability in the past but there was too many problems with it.

As for the installer audio volume look in installet.hta with a txt editor like notepad near the bottom is the mediaplayer section you can set the volume there 100 being the loudest and 1 being the lowest.

A volume slider is actually being worked on right now and will be added in the next coupla releases.

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Thanks for the quick reply Kel.

I'll look for that volume setting.

It's a shame that there were too many problems with the sound, I'd vie for stability over functionality any day. Wish I knew enough to help.

I'll be donating to you guys here shortly... just gotta save up a few bucks. I love what you have done with the program... goodbye to the old runonceex days of scripting (for most of my programs, anyway).

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