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Renaming the Administrator Account


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Sorry 'bout that...

in \sources\$oem$\$$\setup\scripts\


@echo off

CMD /C secedit /configure /db %systemroot%\security\database\unattend.sdb /cfg %systemroot%\security\templates\unattend.inf /log %systemroot%\security\logs\unattend.log /overwrite /quiet


Of course, you can add more commands here if you'd like.

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Thanks man, In fact I did add more commands to the setupcomplete.cmd, since I mounted the install.wim to the "temp" directory you specified, I ended up using the setupcomplete that was already there(windows\setup...) and modified it accordingly to install apps and add that line that you provided... it all went well... :thumbup

anyway, thanx for a great guide, I was strugling for two weeks to find a way to rename the "God Mode" :sneaky: administrator account, I thought I could do it without mounting the install.wim but I soon found out through unsuccesfull trial and error that it was seemingly impossible... but I guess it was a blessing that I had to download WAIK and do it through the install.wim because that enabled me to do my own customizations(drop new sidebar gadgets, change the default background, etc)...

CHEERS :hello:

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Hi Razormoon,

I tried this with Windows 2008 R2 and it is not working. Have you tried this on 2008 R2?

After the new os is built the template inf file is in the templates directory but the database is not. I checked with mmc/gpmc and none of the settings are there.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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