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Dual-boot XP/Vista


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I have created a dual boot system with Windows XP SP 2 and Windows Vista on one hard drive. I ran sysprep on the XP partition and have deployed it to 21 other systems using Ghost Solution Suite 2 (Ghost 11). Once the imaging process was over, I rebooted each system, named them, and waited for them to reboot into XP, which is the default boot selection. However, once it went back to the XP O/S, it ran sysprep again, and continues to do so. As of yet, I have not been able to find a solution to this issue. I am also new to Vista, and have not been able to familiarize myself with the new sysprep. I would appreciate any help or advice on these two issues.

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can you tell me what is sysprep

i am also using win XP MCE with VISta dual boot

and also i use gost 9.0 backup . i get this backup from Win XP becoz it is invalid on vista

and my work is perfectly ok.but i don't know what is sysprep

and what actually problem


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you computers have same hardware configuration? If yes, you have some problem in sysprep configuration.

If no, you must remember that sysprep change only sid, not hal (hardware abstract Layer).

For a guide to sysprep go here.

For other solution you can try Universal Image Utility or you can search for 'universal imaging sysprep' on this forum.

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Romsempire -- All of the computers are the same. They are Dell Optiplex 745 towers made for Windows Vista, with a separate video card. Up until now, we have had no problems using sysprep, even when we had dual boots of 2000/XP. I know that since Vista does not use a boot.ini file, rather you must use BCDEdit, and you have to remove Vista from the boot.ini, could this cause an issue. Would it be best to run sysprep in Vista, as it gets set up under partition 1, and XP gets setup as partition 2? As we're all still learning the in's and out's of Vista, their new sysprep has thrown us a curve. :wacko:

Abaidullah -- In it's simplest form, sysprep is a utility that changes the SID. However, you can have it add the computer to your domain, set the time zone, enter the product key, set your administrator password, etc. You can do most anything with this, as it works as an unattended answer file. :thumbup It is available for pretty much every version of Windows. As far as Ghost, you must have the newest version to work with Vista. That is Ghost 11, which comes with Ghost Solution Suite 2.

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