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  1. abaidullah

    SQL Server

    Thanks it solve my problem
  2. abaidullah

    SQL Server

    dear i want to stop SQL server from batch file and start SQL server from batch file can any one help me thanks
  3. dear oracle is not supporting i try to install w2k3 with vista driver it start installation but when installation finish and computer restart it gives me blu screen and i can't run it i also try safe mode mut i can't thanks
  4. dear i want to disable office feature like disable Hyperlink i download Office resource Kit and i make new policy for local machine it works good but when i want to apply it on network it is not work i save my file on netlogon folder with NTconfig.pol but i can't successful can any one help me?? thanks
  5. dear i have Toshiba Qosmio G30 Notebook in this note book there is there is Toshiba HDD if i change the HDD for RAID drivers .it can be possible or not actually i want to install Oracle financial but when we try to install it on Vista it gives JAva errors thats why i want to install window 2003 server on my notebook thanks
  6. dear can you tell me what is sysprep i am also using win XP MCE with VISta dual boot and also i use gost 9.0 backup . i get this backup from Win XP becoz it is invalid on vista and my work is perfectly ok.but i don't know what is sysprep and what actually problem thanks
  7. i got it http://support.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB6901K60006R01.htm thanks
  8. dear i have toshiba qosmio G30 Notebook how i can convert raid to JBOD from bios it is very Easy but when i change this setting it is asking me about key which is in manual i read all manuals but i can't find any key thanks
  9. dear yes these files are there i try it but when i burn the CD it takes more than 45 minutes and after closing the trakes of CD when i run CD then there is no file and this CD is not empty mean i can't rewrite on this CD and i download WPI today i try it and then reply this but also when i try to use floopy it show me my HDD but i cannot delete partition why thanks
  10. dear i post one message before i want to create unattendad window and want to add one RAID driver but i can't i can't get any reply so i buy an external floopy drive same before still ican not install window in my Toshiba Qosmio G30 laptop when i try to install window on start i press F6 it show me my HDD but when i select a HDD or i try to delete partition i can't do this it gives me error and say me exit thanks can any one help me
  11. dear also i have Norton gost CD i want to make a ghost for my drive thanks
  12. dear can some one help me i want to make a cd for window installation i try to use nlite but when i try to burn it with nlite software it show me empty but when i try to write any thing other with nero burning it say disk is not empty how i can use nlite to make a bootable CD from my installation and for Window server 2003 R 2 orignal CD thanks

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