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Nlite 1.4 Unattended Not workin


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hi all..

I am new to nlite but not to this site, after seeing so many people trying i thought why not i also try ;)

1) using XP Pro SP2

2) nlite 1.4 beta



1) Nlite for all Updates RVM Pack, Addons, tweaks and hacks

2) Drivers pack integration

3) Nero 6 for making it bootable

here is my problem

i have intergrated Addons WMP11, IE7, Foxit Reader, RVMUpdates 2.1.11, Klite megapack 2.1, yahoo messenger, javaruntime, bricoVistaPack1.1, sysinternal pack, Winamp lite, Divx6, Directx9 June2007 Update, Taskbar Suffle2.2, Taskswitch, Spybot, AdawareSe, Firefox, Opera, notepad, 7Zip, Cccleaner, Slimbrowser, universal extracter, VLCplayer, Ricks_windows Sidebar, already installed themes on my system, dotnet 1.1 & 2.0, Drivers pack Graphics B, Sound A&B, Lan , WLAN, Storage ALL. and Some system Tweaks.

all addons are latest and downloaded from http://www.winaddons.com/ only except 2-3 from RVMs site

After creating the DVD and installing Xp


1) boot works fine ( ;) at least this works flawlessly)

2) No themes are added I get error on all themes file like luna.the not found aero glass 2.the not found etc.!! here it should be .theme not .the

3) 7zip, WMP11, IE7, VLC Player, Firefox, opera, Winamp, Divx got installed successfully but nothing else what i have mentioned above

4) The installation was not automated, It asked me for everything Like serial no, network settings, Regional settings, time zone etc. which All i have mentioned in nlite settings.

4) System tweaks like, user creation, Taskbar Customization, system files hack (For themes and SFC), all are working.

by adding Bricos Pack 1.1 Will it change startup screens and logon screens or should i integrate Vista transformation pack7?? and when should i integrate VTP7 after nlite >> VTP7 >> drivers Pack or Nlite >> Drivers pack >> VTP7 or VTP >> NLITE >>Drivers Pack



1) Why some programs got installed and not others?

2) Why the setup was not automated but rest of the tweaks and hacks works fine?

3) Why my system theme were not installed?

4) Drivers pack gave error of max 4000 (something.. i dont remember exact figure) will be accessed what is this? because of this error i didnt integrate DPack and skipped it. how to get pass this error. ( i suppose i was using method 1 whereas i should use method 2 and QSC)

Should i use Nlite / RVM Intergrator or WUCD Creater???


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Attach your LAST_SESSION.ini at your first post for analisis.

For not official themes work is need activate uxtheme path.

For unattended work fine the tabs of informations can to be filled ok.

Other possibilities may be answered after analisis of your LAST_SESSION.ini


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