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Howto: Incorporate OSx86 into a Multi Boot DVD


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After my numerous useless questions on this forum, I thought some people might like to see the fruits of one of my pieces of research...

Tools Required:

  • * Toast Titanium
    * Ultra ISO
    * OSx86 Install DVD
    * EasyBoot

1) Create Your HFS Image

Using Toast Titanium, create a new mac image, into which you must insert all the files from the HFS partition of your OSx86 install dvd. You can see these by mounting the disk under OSX. Now, save this as OSX.toast

2) Create your CDFS Image

Mount the OSx86 DVD this time under Windows. Take all the files you see (~500kb), and place them into your EZBOOT folder, and, using EZBOOT, add an entry for OSX with the command

Now, rebuild your Normal Multiboot ISO including this new easyboot file, and save it as WIN.iso. Don't forget to use the loader.bin from easyboot as your bootable image!

3) Merge!

Finally, re-enter Toast, and select 'copy' -> 'disc image merge'. Click 'select ISO image' and select WIN.iso, then click 'select Mac Image' and select OSX.toast. Now, merge them, and try it out!! It should burn happily as a 'standard' ISO.

Note, this will probably require a complete re-build each time - fiddling with it with virtually any ISO building tool will probably break it. It should function happily with any ISO creation methods for WIN.iso, including CDIMAGE. Finally, note most VMs dislike OSx86. Look here for testing: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Vmware_how_to

I hope this benefits at least someone - I fiddled with quite a few chainloading methods before this (now fairly obvious) method revealed itself.


N.B.: Make very sure to stay legal. Simply torrenting OSx86 CDs is almost invariably legally questionable.

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