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[help] where are wallpapers ?


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i installed vista starter this time and found a completely different wallpapers other then vista premium, ultimate, home basic.

i mounted the install.wim and boot.wim and searched for those wallpapers inside web\wallpapers directory but couldn't find the wallpapers of starter edition. there is only others wallpapers for ultimate, premium and.....

where does those starter wallpapers reside ?

if we change the wallpapers inside web\wallpapers with the same name and commit the changes to install.wim, will it give the effect in the wallpapers after the installation is completed.

can we be able to choose our custom wallpapers which we placed inside wallpapers directory ?

i want this to be done with starter edition ?

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whatever resolution they may be, i want to know where those wallpapers reside on the CD source..

as i can notice, those ultimate, premium version of wallpapers are inside


but i can't see starter wallpaper on that source,

andthe amazing part is , when i install starter, there are a new series of wallpapers inside wallpapers directory ?

how how how ?

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