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Importing wallpapers to xp


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i have a quick question.. I normally place all my wallpapers in my windows xp in the OEM FOLDER : F:\XP\$OEM$\$$\Web\Wallpaper ... but this time my xp got a bit too bit so i decided to create a bat file dat copies all my wallpapers in the directory "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\WINDOWS\Web\Wallpaper" .. but my wallpapers don't appear in the system properties window for some reason.. does anyone have a way of importing wallpapers into windows after the installation has finished?


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there is an easier way to do that if you install other software...........

just create an SFX archive using WinRar that will place the wallpapers into Wallpapers Folder, then just add the .exe to be installed with your other software.........

my wallpapers archive (Wallpapers.exe) is currently around 55mbs...........

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