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Booting WinPE x64 from External HDD!

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Hi frnds,

i am generally using my external USB HDD drive to boot Winpe Image. i have a 250 GB External HDD, on which i have created a 10 GB primary Active partition. so i m generally using this parition to boot WinPE x64 from it.it was working fine till now. WinPE was booting fine.

what i was doing is just copying Winpe files to this primary HDD. and booting it from BIOS. and it was working fine.

but today its giving me NTLDR error :blink: . i dont know what happened to it. i have checked it that it is set to primary and active partition. can anyone help me with this?

P.S. i formatted that partition to FAT32 and booted it again. so with FAT32 partition error is "Plz eject removable media" something like that. and with NTFS partition it was " NTLDR is missing." :lol:



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Hello amit!

With FAT32 it won't work. You need to format it with NTFS. But even if you're formating it NTFS you can run in problems like you've described. You need to use BCDEdit to reconfigure or correct the BCD boot file.

BCDEdit is not that easy to use. You can try to start from Vista Setup DVD first - without using an Autounattend.xml - and than don't start the setup use the Recovery Console instead. There is an option to correct the bootcode, AFAIK. That's easier to use than BCDEdit.

Do you have an internal disk installed in your computer? Have you may switched form one USB port to the other?



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