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Upgrade with auto key-insert


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I'm currently working on an unattended install disk, but I can't get the upgrade install to work - however I upgrade it seems to require an install key. It also seems fairly hit and miss as to whether it uses my winnt.sif options. I take it I need to rename this to unattend.txt and add it to the i386 folder?

This link:


was very useful, but it only worked if I ran upgrade.exe directly for some reason. Can anyone provide a link or any info concerning getting the upgrade to work correctly? Most guides only seem to cover a booted install. I have no space concrens incidentally, and can happily keep any required files/folders.

Is it possible to simply use a batch script to do:

winnt32.exe /unattend //for upgrade

winnt32.exe /unattent:unattend.txt //for clean install

Would these have the effect I'm looking for?

I tested the first one, but for some reason, it throws a product key error ("Does not contain a valid product ID"), even though I have



in my unattend.txt.

If I then manually enter the key I give, however, it works! Can anybody shed any light on this?



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