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The package cX2K does a lot of modification and wants to be a tool thats compatible with nLite.

Like XPize working and derivated of its source this shellpackage tries to modify Windows 2000 for a look and feel of Media Center Edition style.

The XIS pack XPize4Win2K is the very small sister of cX2K which direction is as most modest as the tool above.

Simplified in working and features its done to the bone so much slimmer and stable...

Although slowly development there are downloads available. Please stand by while i update.

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// -- This posting is for update purposes and will be so often edited as needed or possible

Now the page http://www.chriskuhli.de is there!

The URL http://www.chriskuhli.de/x2k/ contains all related to this both projects (special section of framed site above).

Other contents of my homepage may change, but that URLs above not!

Additional page is http://customwin2000.org an additonal domain with further resources not only related to Windows 2000!

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