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0xc000000f error (again)


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I have ImgBurn and UltraISO but I dont know how to use either to create a bootable ISO.

Also if you say it was fixed, what else could have caused the error? Maybe Ill try using vLite to direct burn

Nope, Ill try a new source instead.

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hi, I just try to use vista and used vlite 1.1 for the 1st time. and I got this error. I tried 5 times on clean source.

it write :

File : \Boot\BCD

status : 0xc000000f

info : An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data.

can you help me? what must I do?

I already upload my Last Session.

thank you



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Ok, we'll continue on PM.

Gentlemen! Dont continue in PM, please!

I have the same problem during loading from created DVD. :blushing: The OS - Vista-x64-ru-6.0.6000.16386.

Let me and other people read yr dialog. :hello:

And give the detailed instruction to make system DVD via vLite, please.

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