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problems with microsoft update after office 2003 install


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hi folks, i have the following problem:

after installing w2k windows update works fine

i can download and install everything listed there ...

but after installing office 2003 standard edition, windows update does not respond anymore

when i press on "custom" it just starts loading, and svchost is going to 100% cpu usage ... nothing happens!

someone has any advice? i tried to ask google but i only find problems that are connected to windows updates + windows update website and not office 2003 + microsoft update ...

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If the hotfixes are installed and you still have the problem, try uninstalling Office (bear with me here) and trying Windows Update again - does the problem persist, or does it go away?

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The reason I asked is because it's the installation of Office that causes the Windows Update svchost.exe issue - the extra updates to Office cause the xml file used to track updates to grow from a few hundred kilobytes to a few megabytes, and the msi engine which is parsing the file gets bogged down with all the allocs and deallocs necessary to store and scan this file - essentially, the file becomes too large to handle and the msi engine a/v's constantly, causing it to consume the CPU as it tries and retries things over and over again until it succeeeds and moves on to the next stage.

You might find that installing the Office updates manually helps, but if those two updates do not resolve the issue I would suggest contacting Microsoft for assistance (you should be able to get a free case for a hotfix issue). This is a known issue, and the fix isn't 100% effective, unfortunately.

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u can solve ur prob. in this way:

Go in control pannel under administration tools -> services and start office source engine services (i ve set this service also as automatic).

The prob happen some times when u use office 2003 or try to install some updates because the updates installation or the office is unable to start and use this service.

Don't ask me why but is it.

I ve had the same prob at work on all pcs running office 2003 (i think happend after an update from windows update).

i hope this thing will be useful

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