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Messed up User Accounts


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Hello there.

I encounter problems with Windows XP Pro SP2 Polish after modifying it's setup with latest nLite v1.4 Beta. In "Control panel -> User accounts" if I click any of the options marked red on the picture, a weird popup window appears (shown on the picture) and I am unable to change account type nor switch users... Also, this causes an issue with PunkBuster software (game anti-cheat system) such as it fails to recognize whether the current user account has administrator privileges (always threats admin account like non-admin account). Attached the configuration file of nLite to find out what I have removed. Please help.





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Hi, Henderson.

I´m in my work and no have possibility of download any .ini/.cmd/.reg and other similar files.

From your screenshot I suspect you removed HELP and SUPPORT from your windows.


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Yes, he did remove: "Pomoc i wsparcie" - its Help and Support

Maybe something else too.

;# Aplikacje #
Gry internetowe
;# Multimedia #
Media Center
Movie Maker
Przykładowa muzyka
;# Opcje systemu operacyjnego #
Asystent wyszukiwania
Centrum zabezpieczeń
DR Watson
Foldery skompresowane (ZIP)
Narzędzie do usuwania Blaster/Nachi
Pomoc i wsparcie
Samouczek systemu Windows
;# Sieć #
Kreator połączeń internetowych
Outlook Express
Windows Messenger
;# Usługi #
Usługa 'IMAPI CD-Burning COM'
Usługa indeksowania
Usługa 'Przywracanie systemu'
;# Kompatybilność #

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