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WMP 11 integration lacks wmp11.inf


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I'm using HFSLIP to prepare a Windows installation that will later be SYSPREPed and then imaged and distributed to multiple computers. Installation works fine and SYSPREP too, but after the SYSPREPed image has been put back on an empty workstation the first login (as Administrator) complains that it cannot find wmp11.inf when it goes through mini-setup.

Is there some way I can avoid this, or can HFSLIP be made to include wmp11.inf in the slipstream?

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the workaround i found is to create an SFX and place it in \HFSVCPACK:

it contains 2 files :



witch can be found in %windir%\INF on a system with WMP11 already installed.

below is the Winrar-SFX parameters i use for this file:


this way, it includes the missing files in windows\inf, and after the sysprep, WMP11 no more complains about the inf file :)

let me know if you want my sfx file

btw, the same issue existed with WMP10

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