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Heres some things I am looking to add to my windows installation CD. If anyone has already tackled the registry tweak for this, or knows how it will save me some searching:

  • Set Desktop to Auto Arrange
    Set My Computer as first icon (And arrange Icons My Computer, My Documents, My Network Places, Recycle Bin, Internet Explorer - to get really picky)
    In Display Properties, Appearance, Advanced - set Active Title Bar to size of 20
    Close/Remove the language bar
    Turn off Firewall/Automatic Updates/Virus alerts
    Remove Windows Catalog & Programm Access from Start Menu

Thanks for any help...

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Look on "kellys korner" (type into google) this site on the tweaks section has loads of .reg .vbs and other files available for download then just use the first run options in the unattednded part of nlite to get them to run on there own/unatended/first run.

Hope this helps.

PS. If you are using firefox when you click on the link to download a .reg file it will display as tex in the browser so right click on any of the needed files/links and select save target as - and you will be able to download/save them this way.

Also there are many alternative ways to do this, i just find this easier.

Just remembered that there is a utility to combine all your .reg files into one file - is definitly on msfn.

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