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Hex Edit Locations For Drive Properies Pie Chart

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i've been going through a lot of things in windows recently and seeing what i can do to update them and what not. however this has still eluded me.

what i'm looking for is the hex locations in shell32.dll (i'm pretty sure that they are in there because thats where the dialog is stored) for the colours on the pie charts showing drive space. i have included an original screenshot and could upload a concept if you're interested:


i have already determined the decimal and hex strings for the new and existing colours:

Free-Top: 255 000 255 | FF 00 FF
Free-Low: 128 000 128 | 80 00 80
Used-Top: 000 000 255 | 00 00 FF
Used-Low: 000 000 128 | 00 00 80

Free-Top: 027 169 027 | 1B A9 1B
Free-Low: 001 087 001 | 01 57 01
Used-Top: 015 099 255 | 0F 63 FF
Used-Low: 001 049 140 | 01 31 8C

all i need to do is find their location from the many instances of them.

happy hunting :)

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