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WPI 5.3 --> 6.0

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Hi everybody,

I have a UCD that I haven't updated in about a year. I'm trying to migrate my WPI 5.3 config.js and options.js into WPI 6.0. Is there a quick and easy way to do this or do I have to rebuild from scratch?

Apologies if this topic has been recently covered. I dug for a bit but couldn't find anything on the forums.



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Migrating the config.js file is as easy as copying or pointing to it with the newest release of WPI.

As for your Options, you could try to migrate them (be sure to make a backup of all your work before you do this) but I don't think any options have changed since 5.3, please check the changelog...with that said, it should be just as easy to go into the options page and reset it the way you like it.

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