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Problems with exclude & depend

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Hi all,

Here's the problem. I setup app "A" to be dependent on app "B". Whenever App "B" is selected as an exclusion to another app, app "A" is also excluded even though app "A" has no exclusions.

Is this a known bug?

Any help would be great.

BTW: This is why I made the earlier post and really do not want to use exclusions. It appears to have problems.

Thanx in advance.

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Perhaps I am not understanding you correctly, but it sounds like they are working the way they should be.

If "A" is dependent of "B", then "B" must be selected in order to have the option to select "A". So if "B" is excluded by some other app, say "C", then there is a chain effect that causes "A" to be excluded as well. Basically, by having "C" exclude "B" there is an inherited property of "C" excluding "A" because of the dependent relationship of "A" to "B". Hope this isn't too confusing.

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You're right, after thinking it through!

I still have a problem. I have the same app in 3 different categories. If the user selects all three and clicks "begin install" it will try to install 3 times. How do I overcome?

Thanx in advance.

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