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Searching a REAL STANDALONE Shell


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Hi guys,

i'm doing some real crank stuff. My Windows only consumes 30Mbs of Ram.

Okay need to say that it now runs without a Shell, Explorer Shell and IE completely ripped out.

Thats why i ask you, which shell is a real standalone one?

I mean not one which needs the Explorer/IE Files.

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The idea was to make Windows it should be. No crap, very very small registry, only an Operating System.

But M$ forgot to make its OS modulary so everything requires each other.

Thats why i look for a shell that doesn't need any Explorer and/or IE crap dlls.

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nu2shell should work. when you create a bartpe cd and you insert it while windows xp is running, it autoruns nu2shell on top of your xp start menu/taskbar. of course it's barebone since registry values of bartpe aren't loaded but shows that it runs in xp.

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