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DVD will not boot


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So, I've made an ISO image of my DVD. I tested it on VMware Workstation 6 and Virtual PC 2007, and I'm having problems. VMware cannot boot off of the image at all. Virtual PC 2007 says that it cannot detect NTLDR, but I have copies of it on the ISO. Also, Virtual PC can boot to the menu, but it can't install... what?

EDIT: I have a better idea. I'll just scrap the whole thing and try again.

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Both VMWare and VirtualPC can have problems booting big ISO's. Virtual PC in particular is well known for failing on large ISO files.

Do not assume that your DVD ISO is a coaster yet.

1. Whenever testing bootable ISO files that are bigger than 2gig's in size, always mount the ISO to a virtual drive (Alcohol 120, Alcohol 52, Daemon Tools, , Elby Virtual Clone Drive, MagicISO's MagicDisc). Then reference the virtual drive letter instead of the actual ISO file.

2. The NTLDR is probably a result of the above issue but if it still exists, try making a cd size ISO with just a few OS builds at a time. If they work on a CD size ISO, they will work on a DVD size ISO.

Additionally, problems may arise if the DVD is bigger than 4 gig's. I remember reading that causes some additional booting issues if not handled correctly due to the placement of files on the actual disc.

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I've seen this caused when you either improperly or didn't edit one of the needed files properly. The boot sector, setupldr.bin need to modifed to point to the new OS locations (or boot folder locations depending on the OS). TXTSETUP.SIF is only used once SETUP starts.

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