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  1. Pretty much what the title says ! I had written a complicated tool to forbid Firefox doing it's nasty things , what things ? Read more here : https://msfn.org/board/topic/183138-mozilla-and-firefox-has-turned-into-evil-and-lie-to-their-userbase-leave-it-and-go-for-alternatives/?do=findComment&comment=1207584 I did this a long time ago , but I was lazy/busy to create this topic , I don't like to type , I could be lazy to reply , etc. I do not like to talk/text much, in general. I prefer to create something useful , like this miracle. I used brutal techniques from the 90's, early 2000's . I did NOT hack or modify any of the Firefox browser files , so I'm not in violation of the forum rules . The tool works by intercepting and/or redirecting , blocking the telemetry/pings/requests , certain APIs , etc. No Mozilla files were modified and this programme works with a wide range of FF versions ! The Mozilla code is rather primitive , reminded me of some japanese software. One example of how it works . 1- Firefox wants to generate my unique hardware ID and then send it to the Mozilla servers , thus creating a unique user ID (guinea pig's tag). I say : "screw you , sore losers , I do not allow you to make the hardware ID", so the tool intercepts and blocks it immediately ! (How ? It's a secret , I'm sure the FF staff will read it , try patching it , and I don't have time to redo the tool). It works on the fly , it forbids the browser to chew up your RAM with a ton of unneeded processes (Optimize browser button). Main languages : British English . Dutch is there , but not activated for now , I'm sure our Dutch folks won't have any problems with English. Also, I added translations for some Western European Languages like Spanish . And several Eastern European : Bulgarian , Czech , Polish , Lithuanian , Ukranian , I just figured users from these countries could have problems understanding English , while the Dutch , Germans and French most likely won't , so no German , French or Italian. Perhaps I will add more in the future . I do not promise anything ! Most of the "hacking" (reducing the junk which is 100% not needed at all) is being done without the user interaction , I left only some of the functions that could be changed , in case you would want to be fingerprinted voluntarily , lol. To change the UA , you would need to restart the browser , though. This tool is so powerful , it literally mocks everything these dilettantes had been doing all those years to track you ... I'm still not sure If I was right to post this , perhaps I need to delete this. It's based on my previous tool for Chromium browsers , so may have some of the code leftovers . I shared the early alpha release for chrome 360 (without the UI) with some members . But now it's almost obsolete due the newer functions, also I created a cool interface , like this one . It gives you total control over your browser. I'm scared to share it in the open , but I still want this to be MSFN exclusive , so I may share it with the certain top members (moderators) and [probably] @win32. You ask why ? Imagine this tool in the wrong hands , coppers , FF "team" . This tool needs to be used by good people only , who care about their privacy . You gotta understand , I can't see who's hiding behind his nickname , it's nothing personal ! Yet again , I shall share it , but with extreme caution. No AV reacted to this tool during the testing. Fully supports AERO theme , can be seen on the screenshots below :
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