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Found 1 result

  1. This is an All USB/All SATA HP Pegatron Eureka3 (IPIEL-LA3 Rev1.02) in a Model HPE-137c-b, AMI BIOS=v5.14 (can see that on PowerOn). I got tasked by a friend with "fixing" it. - Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q9300 (visual confirm) - 8GB DDR3 - 4 slots (visual confirm) - PCI-e x1 Wireless Network (internal antenna) - PCI-e x16 Video (RADEON HD4350 - on-board VGA/DVI "covered") http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=us&lc=en&dlc=en&docname=c01746799 (Note- all stickers, including HP-specific COA are intact.) I had tried 3 different keyboards (all function on other PC's) and none are detected, nor is the mouse (I'll get to that). I called him, it was then he informed me that the USB Keyboard wasn't recognized the next time it was turned on. The BIOS documentation has nothing on KBD/MOUSE (obviously, since no PS/2 ports). F10 is normally to enter BIOS. Symptoms as follows: 1- KBD/MOUSE not detected (in any USB ports). 2- Windows-7 Boot screen appears with - "Windows Failed To Start. A recent hardware change might be the cause." Defaults (no KBD/MOUSE) to "Repair" selection. 3- Proceeds to boot, performs Startup Repair (a window), the displays another window with - "Do you want to restore your computer using System Restore?" with Restore/Cancel buttons. No KBD/Mouse so no choice but PowerOff. Performed the following (same symptoms): 1- Blew it completely out (pretty dusty). 2- Disconnected all Front USB (includes SD/MMC slots). 3- Cleared CMOS (jumper), says "Defaults Loaded". *- Note - "Clear Password" jumper has no effect (also used w/F10). 4- Reconnected USB, disconnect SATA HDD+DVD, attached USB Floppy - not accessed. 5- Inserted USB "LiveXP To Ram", fully boots, but must PowerOff. *- Note - ONLY the Three Front ones, the Four Rear ones DO NOT (all are USB2) 6- Pulled the Video/Wireless and "uncovered"/used the On-Board Video. I have dug around HP and the WWW and found multiple references to Eureka3. I managed to find the following BIOS 1- v5.05 (indicates XP/Vista) 2- v5.14 (indicates XP/Vista) 3- v6.07 (indicates Windows7) 4- v6.09 RevA (indicates Windows7) All of them are to be installed via Windows and found by searching the MoBo strings. Strangely, HP does find the Serial# and clearly indicates "Windows7 x64 Home Premium" (as does the stickers, which all still exist). Obviously, SLIC2.0/2.1 must be in there somewhere for HP to have preloaded any of the given OS, but no indication WHICH Models they are for, only the MoBo/OS+Version-Fixes. On the MoBo I can't seem to find the BIOS chip to get any further info and all but one chip has HeatSinks so I can't confirm much more. I did, however pull ALL specs and, weirdly, googling - eureka3 amd motherboard - there are references to the EXACT SAME PART NUMBER but says Socket AM3, so I'm guessing thos are full to the eyelids. I have found information indicating that BIOS v5.x can't be upgraded to v6.x. This, however, only applies to running under Windows. IOW, I found the associated (internal) documentation indicating using the DOS BIOS Update Program (which I have) plus the "/x" option, allowing up/down version flashing. The questions - 1- Since this is a new BIOS, what part of the Code would USB Keyboard/Mouse detection be in (no separate chip?) so I'll know specifically which "parts" to flash/not-flash (there are options for them). 2- How can a v5.14 BIOS be there and have Windows-7 installed, unless it has the SLIC2.1 and HP isn't saying that? 3- Should I use FAT16 on the USB stick? (Fat32 SHOULD be OK?) 4- Would Win98SE "basic" Boot be OK, or would another DOS-OS (DR-DOS) be better? 5- Shouldn't USB1.1 KBD's work in USB2 Front Connectors? *- Note - Two are the "dead Dell E521" keyboards, one is an older Gateway. Obviously, I would have to flash via AUTOEXEC.BAT with the "/q" option since no KBD at the time. The (possible) process - 1- Test Boot to "basic" DOS 2- Backup current BIOS (v5.14) 3- ATTEMPT to flash downloaded BIOS (v5.14) and pray 4- (MAYBE) ATTEMPT to flash newer BIOS (v6.09) I have nothing to lose at this point since I have confinced my friend that he will probably need another eBay Refurb with same Part#533234-002. Even a replacement MAY not have the Windows-7 SLIC2.1 BIOS and HOPE that the HDD would boot and stay Activated, otherwise reload with COA key and Activate just to be done with it. *- Comments on above? Side notes- Warranty states Begin=May17,2010/End=May16,2011 and the following from Internal Documentation- The FlexBuild sticker DOES HAVE the v6.x FeatureByte strings and am a bit concerned about the SystemID stuff (Product Name, SKU, Serial#, Features, ETC) being "wiped" during flash. Apparently, not a problem with the FeatureByte stuff (SMBIOS Type 11). BIOS Flash Notes and Recommended Parameters Note- The v6.x BIOS I have are appropriatley named "EU36.nn". Additionally, DO NOT ask about the Internal Docs or the Utilities I have. Not giving them out, you find them. (That statement is for the general populace.) WHEW!!! Hardware/BIOS Guru's, have at me! EDIT- Found the BIOS next to the CMOS/PWD Jumpers (Fintek?) and a sticker next to it specifically stating v5.14. Edit2- Forgot to mention the Flash Utility allows for loading certain Defaults from the BIOS-file -or- from the Running BIOS. Consider this a final question on "which ones" (Default or Optimized)...

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