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  1. I consider this commercial advertising. Web, Software, Design, Freebies, Domains, Hosting
  2. Just an improvement of Windows XP with new "Aero" interface and graphical installation insted of the ususal 98/XP installation. Too annoying security system, bad integrated graphics drivers. I like the faster boot time though. Personally, I prefer the new Mac OS X Leopard, which will be available for Intel-based proccessors too. It's scheduled for release between 7th and 11th of August, if I'm not mistaken.
  3. 1.) Adobe Photoshop 2.) Adobe Illustrator 3.) Mozilla Firefox 4.) Mozilla Thunderbird 5.) Windows Media Player 11 Beta 6.) Skype 7.) Yahoo! Widgets Engine 8.) Daemon Tools 4 9.) Nero 7 10.) Cute FTP
  4. Here you go buddy: It's a little grungy though, hope you like it
  5. I can proudly vote for Kaspersky Anti-hacker. I haven't seen a problem with my PC since I've been using it. But I have used the default Windows firewall and the difference isn't big.

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