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  1. ah... that's what I thouht... yes I was able to build Nero Lite... but I REALLLY REALLY want to be able to use Nero Recode. How can I create an addon or integrate it into the nero lite installer?
  2. i don't know if it's been asked before, but I'm trying to compile nero lite using the NeroLiteSDK. I get the following errors during the micromize part of the prepare batch file. Micromize: advrcntr3.dll (english)... Error signing file advrcntr3.dll Press any key to continue . . . advrcntr3.dll... Error signing file advrcntr3.dll Press any key to continue . . . neropatentactivation.exe... Error signing file neropatentactivation.exe Press any key to continue . . . nerofiledialog.dll (english)... Error signing file nerofiledialog.dll Press any key to continue . . . nerofiledialog.dll... Error signing file nerofiledialog.dll Press any key to continue . . . nps.dll (english)... Error signing file nps.dll Press any key to continue . . . nps.dll... Error signing file nps.dll Press any key to continue . . . setupx.exe (english)... Error signing file setupx.exe Press any key to continue . . . nero.exe... Error signing file nero.exe Press any key to continue . . . File Not Found CoverDes.exe... Error signing file CoverDes.exe Press any key to continue . . . CoverEdCtrl.ocx... Error signing file CoverEdCtrl.ocx Press any key to continue . . . CoverEdExtension.dll... Error signing file CoverEdExtension.dll Press any key to continue . . . File Not Found audioeffectlibrary.dll... Error signing file audioeffectlibrary.dll Press any key to continue . . . controls.dll... Error signing file controls.dll Press any key to continue . . . dxbridge.dll... Error signing file dxbridge.dll Press any key to continue . . . dxenum.exe... Error signing file dxenum.exe Press any key to continue . . . vstbridge.dll... Error signing file vstbridge.dll Press any key to continue . . . waveedit.exe... Error signing file waveedit.exe Press any key to continue . . . waveedit.dll... Error signing file waveedit.dll Press any key to continue . . . File Not Found neroburnrights.cpl... Error signing file neroburnrights.cpl Press any key to continue . . . neroburnrights.exe... Error signing file neroburnrights.exe Press any key to continue . . . discspeed.exe... Error signing file discspeed.exe Press any key to continue . . . drivespeed.exe... Error signing file drivespeed.exe Press any key to continue . . . infotool.exe... Error signing file infotool.exe Press any key to continue . . . Done. Press any key to continue . . . I don't know if this is normal.... am I doing something wrong? I read the readme.rtf file and followed the instructions. This is what I did from the beginning: 1) Ran \Tools\install.cmd to install Inno and inno related things 2) Put the nero trial I downloaded into the root of the NeroLiteSDK directory 3) Ran NeroLite_prepare.cmd It extracted the files from the nero setup, then it ran the nero setup, I clicked next until I got the to Language Selection. The trial I downloaded was for English only, so I just clicked Next. On the next screen, I pressed cancel, then I pressed Finish. That's when it started the Micromize process and that's when the errors showed. Any ideas?? Also, I want to include Nero Recode and Nero Vision into the nero lite setup. I found the RecodeSDK in this thread, but it was only v1.16.1.2 (for Nero v8.3.2.1). I have 2 questions about that: 1) Can I use that version of RecodeSDK for Nero v8.3.6.0? 2) Can you provide better instructions on how to use the RecodeSDK? Do I run the recode micromize script after the nero micromize script, or do I run it instead of the nero micromize script. The documentation was vague. Is it possible at all to include Nero Vision? Thanks for the help in advance!
  3. would you suggest to slipstream sp3 final? If I did, would I have to install any extra components? WMP 11? anything from RyanVM's site? I know there is a WGA addon, a wmp addon, etc etc. Is this all included in SP3?
  4. it's not so much that it's complicated... rather that it's tedious for what it accomplishes.
  5. I'm interested in in making an unattended xp install with integrated application install and have done a bit of research a while ago, along with following the tutorial here. I found the tutorials to be very unnecessarily complicated for the outcome. I actually gave up 3/4 of the way through because it was so complicated... I especially found manually integrating external applications annoyingly hard because if any new versions came out fo certain applications, it would be hard to re-integrate the new versions. Is it better to use nLite? If so, could someone point me to a good tutorial for it. Also, I'm looking to integrate hotfixes/updates which I've obviously found here. I know basically how to do this using RyanVM's Integrator already. My overall question is, which is better? nLite or the manual way. Is there even a difference. Could someone offer me some direction?
  6. can anyone help me with this problem?? Is anyone experienceing the same problem??
  7. does anyone know how to create an AutoIt script that will automate the acrobat activation?
  8. err how do I use an AutoIt script? Do I need an application? Sorry, never used AutoIt before...
  9. any way to automatically activate ws_ftp pro??
  10. meh. A lot of ppl switch to the free crap, but I can trust Adobe. the pro version has a LOT of powerful tools. It may be a bit slow but it's barely noticeable! I've used a free one before. It's one of those portable ones you throw on a USB key (think it's called Foxit Reader). I only use it when I am working on another computer and it may not have a pdf reader. problem with those is that its not an installer (just a standalone app) and it makes a bunch of reg changes to associate icons and who knows what else. At least I know if I want to uninstall adobe, I can. But anyways..... everyone has their own opinion about this. How??
  11. sweet! nice and simple. Thanks.. One thing. Is there any way to automate the activation?
  12. it's doing the same thing I renamed the file to sav.msi and its still opening a blank command window. This is the code I used. START /WAIT "%CDROM%\Apps\Applications\SAV10\sav.msi /passive RUNLIVEUPDATE=0 REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS" Whats going on??
  13. Thanks, I will try that and get back to you. If I don't reply, it probably worked
  14. so I can't install it without certain components?? Is there an alternative??
  15. Ok I tested the above code and when ran that line, it just opened up another command line window, and nothing happened. Is that what it is supposed to do? It did not continue with my original batch file until I closed the new opened command line window... This is my exact line of code: START /WAIT "%CDROM%\Apps\Applications\SAV10\Symantec AntiVirus.msi /passive RUNLIVEUPDATE=0 REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS" Why is it opening a new command line window?? and not doing anything until i close that new window??

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