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  1. Can't get any cash to upgrade my computer, so I'll keep XP for awhile, guess its my best choice for now, and I'll let the new beta testers team (the general public) test the new Windows Vista for awhile, that should get rid of most problems, in 2 yrs the OS will be fully ready and bulletproof.
  2. I already run Vista RC1 and RC2 but the speed was really slow as soon I installed my programs (anti-virus, Firefox, Thunderbird...), I've tried the Beta1 and there I was able to see some Aero effects and it worked like a charm, but not in the RC1 and RC2, the drivers of my video card is not supported anymore and I'm stuck with the WDDM made by Microsoft, and therefore, I can't install any of my games that run fine with Windows XP, is there any danger on forcing installation of drivers made for an other video card, I know its not the best, but at least I would be able to run my games with DirectX 9 and the effects supported by my video card. I would bet if I force drivers made for a 9550, that could work, but I don't wanna risk my card. My question is simple, what can I remove to add speed to Vista, I don't need aero effects at all, just at least themes like in XP will be perfect.
  3. I've tried Vista out of the box on my computer : Celeron D 2,8GHZ 512MB DDR 3200 (RAM is overpriced so I don't plan of buying more right now) 160GB WD EIDE 250GB MAXTOR EIDE ATI RADEON 9200SE 128MB (can't upgrade it because its a PCI card, no AGP or PCI-E slot on my motherboard) but Aero is not my priority after all. ATI TV Wonder VE (not supported by Vista right now, I know that) BENQ DVD Burner... Now, I know normally I should buy more RAM but I think I can manage to get a good version of Vista with Vlite, I just need to know what I need to have at least the same functions that are on XP, plus if possible the gadget bar that is on the right of the screen. (Does this use a load of memory, I'm not sure about this one) I use Windows Vista Ultimate edition (provided freely by Microsoft to my father at work, they don't plan on using it so got it with a full license free.)
  4. Merci beaucoup pour ce merveilleux package qui contient les KB dans une version qu'on peut installer directement, je cherchais depuis quelques mois le fix KB899527 qui règle des problèmes avec les graveurs DVD-RW qui affiche un lecteur vide dans le Poste de Travail et n'affiche donc pas l'icone malgré qu'on accède aux données sans problèmes.

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