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  1. JSR

    Vista on 256 MB RAM!

    Tried. Doesn't Work! Error "Wrong or Bad File" Maybe It works with ENG edt only
  2. JSR

    0xc000000f Error

    Hi I've tried Vlite 0.9 on Windows Vista Ultimate Italian. I've used it just to create the iso file, but at the beginning of the (boot) installation I get this error: 0xc000000f the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible I've tested this iso on VMware and on a PC, and I get the same error. Do u know anything about it? TNX!
  3. Great! I've tried to integrate it with Nlite, and It was all ok. The cursors are just copied into "cursors\aero black" folder (under Windows) but not auto-applied. How can I do this? TNX
  4. boooggy, I've installed your WMP11 latest addon with Nlite, but I get some OS problems after the setup. There's no new user creation section at first startup, XP starts in classic style, and Windows Media Connect doesn't work . By the way WMP11 works perfectly Have I missed something? TNX
  5. eh eh It was just for all the updates and hotfixes... TNX anyway
  6. I did it... but I've just cleared the installation info. I need to clear the "Options", "Patch", "General Tweaks" and "Sevices" section also. How can I do that?
  7. B)--> QUOTE(chris.b @ Nov 24 2006, 10:04 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Yes there is a german version very similar to booggys' one Indeed looking at his englisch version helped me to improve mine. You can find it here GnLiteWMP11-Slipstream_2.1.1 and there is also one on sereby.german-nlite.de. What about rebuilding in another language if you need? Just try! I'll try! TNX again!
  8. Should I remove Nlite.ni_ to completely remove Setup changes?
  9. Hi I'm working on a XP iso, and I need to cancel all the changes I made with Nlite, under "Setup" section (Unattended, Options and Tweaks)... I can't start the entire project all over again Is there anything I can do? Where're the files to delete/modifty ? TNX
  10. Thanks, Works! It's the english WMP version, isn't it?
  11. Hi! How can I integrate a non-english version of WMP11? TNX
  12. Hi I was trying to install windows XP games into Windows Server R2 x64 bit ( http://www.msfn.org/win2k3/xpgames.htm ) and now I can't use "Add/Remove Windows Components". I get this error: "Setup Library ocgen2.dll could not be loaded, or function OcEntry could not be found. Contact your system administrator. The Specific error code is 0x7e". I think I need these file for x64 version: ocgen2.dll zoneoc.dll games.inf igames.inf pinball.inf sysoc.inf Where can I find them? TNX

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