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  1. Thank you very much for you help.
  2. Hi, i've been a quite member for quite a while now, helping where i can, provided someone else hasn't already mentioned the answer, but: i'm in the process of making an unattended 64bit windows XP pro install CD, i got the files ready, all that lot, but i can't burn the image or even create it for that matter, the boot.bin file that comes from CDIMAGE_GUI won't allow me to make 64bit wndows CD's, Is there a way i can get round this, or is there somwhere i can find the BIN file for 64bit? Thanks in advance. XcOM
  3. i used to use Batch because it was the simpist option. Then i switched to RunOnceEx, now i only have basics in the runonce, IE: Patches, VB libary then my DVD has over 50 apps on it, with a menu i created in VB.
  4. Yes as sorts, it depends on the app, Some use answer files, others use switches, Try a search for the app in question, if nothing ask. Enjoy P.S HI everyone, i finaly decide to talk.
  5. 1: take this code HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Driver Signing","Policy",0x00000001,00 and plant it in HIVESFT.INF file in I386 Folder under [AddReg] Section. Thanks to Alienboo for this, its on that page, and it works for me, Also if you want to disable SFC: http://www.pctools.com/guides/registry/detail/790/
  6. Question? Have you tried loading form your XP install disk, and restoring Explorer from the \i386 folder? If not try that, it maybe that Explorer has been modifyed and has become curropt.
  7. Thanks, i checked that site before i asked here, good site BTW, But they want to make a Floppy Image, and i have no folppy disks ATM, and the images you can DL are in a wierd format, i need them in BIF to use them.
  8. personally i think it just looks like a bloated version of WPIW, strage, its more bloated, but dosen't look as nice, and dosen't seem to have to cusomization as WPIW, i installed at and had a look, It does look a bit dogie.
  9. I know windows ME is complete UTTER crap, but a friend wants an All In One DVD with 98, ME, 2000, XP and 2003, i have them all but ME. I am after a Boot info for ME, IE the boot File from the windows ME CD-ROM, i only have the install files, If possable can i have it in BIF format? Thanks in advance, Peronally i wouold burn every copy of windows ME ever produced, but people for some strange reason still want it.
  10. I just donwloaded the latest version, and ran it with: <Path here>\REAL.exe /S and it installed just fine with no questions until i ran it, and like above you can add reg entries to accept the EULA and stuff.
  11. I used to love BAT and CMD files, i know this is a BAT/CMD file i am writing atm, but this is to set the RunoneEX I like my installs to look nice and run without using too much system resorces, that as BAT files look ugly, and get one switch or command wrong, and the entire process is out of the window then. Thanks for the help.
  12. too big, DVD is already 3.5GB, and my games total 3GB, no Dual Layer DVD's, so i want to split it.
  13. Hi, I have searched, and have found no results that are relevent, I have made my Unattended install DVD, and added all the applications, now then, i am in the process of creating a DVD with my games on it, I know this is long winded but, i wish to use RUNONCE to copy the install files to my system drive, then run WPI, i know it can be done using a BAT file, but i don't want to, it looks untidy, its a waste of space, and in my eyesm i HATE BAT/CMD files with a passion. Is there a way to copy say: REG ADD %KEY%\020 /VE /D "Copying Game Files" /f REG ADD %KEY%\020 /V 1 /D "xcopy %CDROM%\Games %systemdrive%\Games /e" /f Would this work? The %CDROM% value is set to the CDROM drive containing the game install files needed, Unless someone knows a way to do this without copying the files, I am going to get the system to delete the files afterwards. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi, i know this is old, and prob dragging on, But i would like to confirm something, If i set the registry to launch the Runonce, IE, My problem being this, i would like the runonce window to popup, install some apps, then load another RunOnce window, this time installing patches, BUT, when this script is used, will the second RunOnce window start from the second BAT/CMD file, or will it try to install everything from the begining, i am not sure as i don't know if the RunOnce process deletes the registry entries as it goes or if it deletes the entrys after it has finished. Any help will be appreashed. Oh and BTW, Great guides. Come in very handy, WICKED site and forum.
  15. Hi, this is my first attempt, it looks ok, but is very simple. Enjoy: LCARS (Star Trek) Preview Download

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