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    IDE controllers

    This sounds like a joke ... however, NVIDIA is a chipset maker. IDE controllers are part of a chipset. Which company is the maker of that particular motherboard is irrelevant. You don't need the other drivers - VIA, ALI, Toshiba etc. If you want to learn more details about you computer try Everest Home Edition.
  2. Oops, missed few posts - sorry, few days ago I became a father !!! The drinks are on the houseaaaa !!! Anyways, seems I own a slappy copy - there are lowercase filenames on that disk - guess that means threated copy ?! However, I'll try what you suggested here ... @Ut\Collector, I know your addon, I've tried it ... but I miss 12 files... (I got bored already) ... here we go again. uTorrent is on the way ... PS: My english sucks ... PPS: Thank You guys ...
  3. System File Checker (SFC) could be very anoying, turn it off ... if that's the case.
  4. Hello people. These days I'm wasting my time trying to make an unttended WinXPCD including RyanVM Post SP2 update pack and Bâshrat the Sneaky's driver packs. The steps: 1. nLite - slimming down the source CD, unattended, tweaks. 2.RyanVM Integrator - Post-SP2 Update Pack 3.DriverPacks Base Utility - driver integration. 4.UltraISO - BootableCD During the initial install i got complaints about that the following files are missin (in order of appearance ) I found out that these files are gone from DRIVER.CAB after step1 - i.e. after nLite usage. What am I doing wrong, what's that component that should stay for good? Or could it be something to do with .NET framework? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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