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  1. Getting rid of the favourites menu

    If you have xp pro you can type gpedit.msc in run window. But home version doesn't include gpedit so in this case you should be able remove this menu by editing the registry. So for me would be much easier to help you if you first write what exactly Windows do you have or choose your OS in your profile settings. But anyway if you have home version of xp it is more complicated to do this, but you should be able to disable this menu by typing in run window regedit and going to this key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Restrictions If the key Internet Explorer or Restrictions doesn't exist you should first create it. Then in the key Restrictions create new DWORD value named NoFavorites and set it to 1. If you later would like to bring back this menu set this value to 0. Note that in order to apply changes you must again log in to Windows. I hope this will help you.
  2. Getting rid of the favourites menu

    In XP you can remove this in gpedit in the internet explorer menu settings.
  3. Quick graphic question

    Nope, syssetup.dll.
  4. Some problems

    OK then I will try that. Thanks again. Cheers!
  5. Some problems

    I finally know what exactly caused my problem. In HFANSWER.INI I had DELCATS value set to 1 so all cat files are removed during slipstream process from SVCPACK folder. But it looks like that deletes these files are not good when IE7 is slipstreamed. When I set DELCATS value to 0 and slipstreamed only IE7 there were created four cat files in SVCPACK folder which are idnmitigationapis.cat, ie7.cat, KB915865.CAT and nlsdownlevelmapping.cat. I found out that all off this cats can be safely removed except ie7.cat file. Removing this file cause problems which I described in the first post. So it will be good to add in the next release to not delete this file even if there was choosen option to delete cat files. So now I'm happy cause my problem is solved and everything is working great. Many thanks Tomcat76 for help and of course for your work on this great tool. And I hope from the next relese I will not have any problems like that
  6. Some problems

    I use this batch file which is added to folder context menu to create bootable and normal iso image. @ECHO OFF &SETLOCAL ENABLEEXTENSIONS TITLE Creative %2 ISO of %~nx1 SET "LABL=%~nx1" SET "LABL=%LABL: =_%" ECHO/Removing possible attributes on %~n1 and its subfolders... ATTRIB -R -H "%~f1" /S /D ECHO/&ECHO/Removing any thumbs.db files from %~n1 and its subfolders... DEL /S/A/F/Q "%~f1\thumbs.db" 2>NUL ECHO/&ECHO/Creating %2 ISO... IF "%2" EQU "DATA" (SET OPTN=-l%LABL:~0,32% -yd -n -x -o -m -d) ELSE ( SET OPTN=-l%LABL:~0,16% -j1 -m -o -b"%~dp0xpBoot.img") "%~dp0CDIMAGE.EXE" %OPTN% "%~s1" "%~nx1.iso" >NUL PING -n 11 I already tryed HFSLIP 1.7.0rc1 and as I wrote I have the same problem except that that during installation when HFSLIP.CMD is executed I didn't have problem with finding those files. I also tryed to remove all HF's from HF folder and leave only IE7 installation file but after Windows installation I still had these problems. I don't know maybe I'll just integrate IE7 installation with Windows setup. I attached log file from 1.7.0rc1 version and hope now everything is ok. Edit. Ok, I now removed almost everything, leaved only IE7 in HF folder, content of SOURCE dir and modifyPE.exe in HFTOOLS dir and finally this solved my problem. I will later see what exactly caused this. HFSLIP.TXT
  7. Some problems

    Nope, I only used HFSLIP. Of course except cdimage in which I create iso and then virtual pc After when during installation I didn't had problem with finding those files, I was hoping that maybe this will work now. But I still have this problems with IE and mmc.exe application. I'm not sure but I remember that when I once slipstreamed IE7 with some earlier version of HFSLIP I think I didn't had this problems. This was some first version which supported IE7 slipstreaming, maybe even beta. But the next version yet didn't support this, cause some bugs or something.
  8. Some problems

    Thanks for your help. The sfc_os file is to disable SFP but insted copy also sfcfiles file I copied syssetup, so my mistake. I removed wmv codecs if they are not needed, added some hotfixes and removed unnecessary. But after that I have the same problems. I tryed also instaling without slipstreamed IE7 and I didn't had any of those problems which I mentioned in the first post. So I don't know why but it looks like I can't have slipstreamed IE7. All everything is slipstreamed great but only that IE makes some problems.
  9. Some problems

    Hello. I used HFSLIP to slipstream some hotfixes, WMP11 and IE7. During installation when HFSLIP.CMD file is executed there is something it can't find some files in system32\dllcache folder like mshtml.dll, msrating.dll, inseng.dll and so on. When I opened SVCPACK.INF file there were two entries HFSLIP.CMD under SetupHotfixesToRun section, is this should be like that? After installation when I tryed to run services.msc or gpedit.msc I got error that there is some error with mmc.exe application and do I want to send raport to Microsoft. So I can't open services window nor gpedit. When I lunch IE and click on Home Page button or type some address in address bar and press enter IE crashes saying there was problem with Internet Explorer application and it will be closed. I didn't had this problems with older versions of HFSLIP but I also didn't slipstream WMP11 and IE7. I didn't modified anything else only used HFSLIP and added winnt.sif file. My OS is WinXP with SP2. I attached hfslip.log file. HFSLIP.TXT
  10. Help Menu

    I finally found a way to do this. The explorer menus are in browselc.dll file. So I edited this file in XN Resource Editor and by this method I get rid of this menu. But I really didn't knew I gona do this by myself
  11. Help Menu

    Hello. Did anyone of you experts know how to remove this menu? I tryed edit some .dll's but with no luck. Mayby someone know in which .dll is this menu. I didn't find anything on google so I suppose this is imposible, but I want to be sure My os is WinXP.
  12. In my opinion this program uses to much memory and it would be better to fix this problem without need to have some app always running. I would like to know this too to maybe fix this problem without any program but I don't know is this possible. I checked and this program do nothing with registry. I hope in sp3 for winxp this problem will be finally fixed.
  13. how to change the copy,delete animations

    Here you can find some animations http://www.wincustomize.com/skins.aspx?libid=35 After extracting .wba file you will have avi files. But I personally use this from VTP.
  14. Since I used this fix I don't have anymore problem with this tooltips so I think is better to use this fix once than restart computer every time when this problem occur.
  15. how to change the copy,delete animations

    Open shell32.dll file with reshacker and in avi section you can change animations. Then you can compress this file to cab archive using makecab command and replace existing file in i386 folder.