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  1. This Is The Last Release

    Thank you! I'll get the file only tomorrow. Would you mind I post it on Rapidshare.DE or .COM again?
  2. This Is The Last Release

    Sorry, don't quite understand: you want to upload the file to my host too? If war59312 could not do it I'd like you help me.
  3. This Is The Last Release

    Not that I was not trying Maybe something with foreign IP? The download stops at some point and can't be resolved. And I tried FlashGet also but it just give an error
  4. This Is The Last Release

    Still have problems with downloading it as with the previous version Could you upload the file to my host? (the login information is the same as it was)
  5. As I said - I am able to delete the folder but it recreates in a minute. There was a discussion about this folder some time ago. Search for this. There was a person who solved this by editing some system files. I copied this from the discussion: for %%i in (C: D: E: F: G: H: I: J: K: L: M: N: O: P: Q: R: S: T: U: V: W: X: Y: Z:) do if exist "%%i\system volume information" cacls "%%i\system volume information" /e /g "kitaec":f for %%i in (C: D: E: F: G: H: I: J: K: L: M: N: O: P: Q: R: S: T: U: V: W: X: Y: Z:) do if exist "%%i\system volume information" attrib -s -r -h "%%i\system volume information" for %%i in (C: D: E: F: G: H: I: J: K: L: M: N: O: P: Q: R: S: T: U: V: W: X: Y: Z:) do if exist "%%i\system volume information" rd /s /q "%%i\system volume information" Change kitaec to the name of current user.
  6. I deleted this folder multiple times on Windows 2000 Professional with a batch file found in these Forums. Nothing bad happened to my system or my data. The folder recreats itself in a minute or so. But of course you should carry such experiments on a backuped systems just in case.
  7. I can't test it right now (have some trouble with my work) but you can use this service to check updates and it could says if the file versions are wrong.
  8. Just posted about this in nLite section. I have exactly the same problem with any USB mouse and web-cam connected after installation. I have to press a button a few times and Windows installs the driver that is already on the system. But the most ennoying that I have to do it for EACH! USB port with one mouse or one web-cam (every time I change USB port first it asks for the driver). Is there any tweak for this?
  9. USB Mouse & Keyboard Promt For Driver

    I have exectly the same problem (?) with USB mouse and USB web-cam: every time I plug them in in EACH! USB port my computer asks for drivers but when I hit Continue button a few times it uses the files that are on system already. And the most innoying that I have to install my mouse and web-cam for each USB port separetelly.
  10. Uploaded to Rapidshare.de in 3 .RAR files with 3% of recovery record (may help if a download is corrupted): USP-5.02.2195.17-RETRO.part1.rar 80.01 MB MD5: 6FE7BE3A816E9E5B4C1B4E13B112EE5C USP-5.02.2195.17-RETRO.part2.rar 80.01 MB MD5: 32723182AF7AE9BC4708A54941145330 USP-5.02.2195.17-RETRO.part3.rar 74.48 MB MD5: 9E88B8401AA7D1EDB7A60A3B1FC4BD88 (I tried downloading files from this location myself and there is no problem with their integrity.) Download all three files and extract them with WinRar or other archiver supporting this format. There are two additional files called CDCRC.EXE and DATA.CDCRC in the folder. (This is a freeware utility and you don't really need to run it if there is no errors during extraction of files. In fact it's a good practice not to run any unknown applictions I provided it just for sure). You may run CDCRC.EXE and choose VERIFY option from the menu. It should report that there are no bad or missing files and then you can delete both if you want. I will also post a link on the original USP-5.02.2195.17-RETRO.ZIP in eDonkey p2p net as soon as I got that computer running (sorry for the delay).
  11. Hi Will Got the file We have some holidays in China. I'll try to make the file accessible in a couple of days. Thanks again!
  12. Hi I use DSL connection without a proxy. But there is probably some kind of general proxy - I'm from China and our ISPs may have such restrictions for some websites and foreign traffic I think there could be the reason for my failures. We don't use antivirus as we restore systems automatically with imaging software every second day I tried downloading the file on my computer with firewall and on two different computers without it. Regards, Ao
  13. I tried downloading the file by IE on Windows 2003 (Chinese Simplified). No-go again The speed is quite fast: about 91KB/s. But IE can't recognize the size of the file and stops downloading (says like it downloaded it all) at about 170MB. war59312 Have you received my PM? If the information I provided is not enough just let me know and I try to get some more answers.
  14. TAiN Thank you. But doesn't sc.exe applies to .EXE files? And if there is a .SYS file (say - system driver)? And there are two .INF files with it which install and specify this .SYS as a service. But they don't make it to start like a service Vbscripts can't be used for some reason
  15. Do you think it is possible to make a program starting as a service during Unattended? Say it's some kind of driver (dll or sys) that can act as a service after regular installation. I think Bilou_Gateux did something similar