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  1. Direct to safemode?

    You may have something there... do you have more information on what an xp boot floppy would look like? Boot.ini NTLDR NTDET (or however its spelled) ...and anythign else?
  2. Direct to safemode?

    I've done a cursory search, but cannot find information relating to this topic. Is there a way to emulate one of the XP boot up options direct from a CD-Shell script? IE: [F3] - When this key is pressed, boot C:, XP, with the Safemode w/ Network options Any solutions or points in the right direction?
  3. Alright, i burned through the guides.. but i'm still not exactly seeing my answer here. I'm making a multiboot CD using BootScriptor www.bootscriptor.org. I'm familier with its coding... Just like DiskEMU i point at the .dat files (Bootimage uses .BIN, so i have renamed) Due to the nature of the disk, my tree is not direclty off of root. Alright, its harder to illustrate a directory tree then i thought. Either way, Do i need to edit txtsetup.sif to reflect this large structure? (SetupSourcePath = "\bscript\images\OS\WXPPro\i386" ? Do I need the i386 in the path? will this even work? Thanks for your help! ---((( Guyanthalas )))---
  4. Ok, i've flipped over this board front and back. I'm still missing out on a few small details. In the first part of the thread, we make $NT$.BT .LS folders... According to the guide i rename the .LS XPHome and the .BT VOL1. Then the guide says to copy Vol1 to XPHome... however, later on in the guide you show them as being equal level on your directory tree. I'm very confused about how to structure the directory. On a side tangent.. is there anyway to compare the directory's of XP Home and XP Pro, and merge them into one directory? If no one has tried this i'll gladly pioneer the effort, but i'd like to know if my efforts are in vain before i start. Also, after i ran the Winnt32 /noreboot from my win2k cd, i renamed the folders and what have you, but when i rebooted my computer it tried to run windows setup (for 2K), and errored out (because i had moved the directories). Did i miss a step to avoid this problem? Thanks a lot for all your help!