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  1. Foxit Reader doesn't start because it fails to call Winspool.drv:GetPrinterDataExW Would be nice to see it working as current Adobe Reader versions after Reader 6.0 don't work and current PDF documents are showing up more and more which aren't interpreted correctly by v6.0. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detai...mp;atid=1126916
  2. Exactly the same here (tried multiple Drivers at once and several drivers for chipset (nForce2) and graphics card (Radeon X800) separately): Line 1897 Row 5 error (freely translated): For at least one required parameter there was no value given.
  3. Lo, I chose the "prompt repair"-Option in the unattended screen to be able to select the repair in the Win2k-Setup but Setup just throws me to the partitioning screen. Is this option supposed to work in Win2k? (afai can see there's no error and it doesn't complain about an unknown option...) I am unable to find any MS document about that. regards keen
  4. Lo, I seem to be unable to find any guide or forum posts on how to replace single files with nLite in my custom Windows2000-CD (no setup or sth like that, just single files like explorer.exe). I found plenty of sites describing the process of integrating existing packs and a few describing the creation of packs for Setups with silent-switches, but no simple replacement. Maybe you can point me to a tutorial I haven't found or guide me through the process. regards keen
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