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  1. Or is there a way of fully automating WindowBlinds install, applying skin, and a tutorial for createing skins?
  2. Anybody knows of any tutorial for makeing own Start Menu, Task bar (and window) skin for windows? Any that I can later slipstreem in my install, with only hacked uxtheme.dll?
  3. Ok, I installed one theme pack. Now, this theme pack can't be unattended since it reboots comp and then requests user interaction. Now I want to know how to extract these parts and integrate in unattended windows DVD... Sound Scheme Login/Logout Screen Stand by / Shutdown / Restart - screen Icons (My compuer, ect...) Thanks...
  4. After fixing this bug that everybody had, i have one more... For every installation file I have this command line: "%systemdrive%\Install\Run_CD.exe [sOME_PARAMETER]" [sOME_PARAMETER] is diffrent for every program, but for "outside world" the Run_CD has same results. It is an AutoIt file that does something and has no return parametar. Now here is the problem... Every copleated installation is marked with FALIURE, and only 2nd is marked as SUCCESS... Why??? What do I have to do??? If anybody woundering Run_CD looks for a installation packet spacefied as parametar, trying to find it in special folder on all CD/DVD drives. If it exists it runs it, if not, it does nothing... Edit: I even added "Exit 0" in my Run_CD and still same Sample log WPI Installation Log File Install process started at: 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:47 List of programs to be installed: Adobe Reader Audacity AutoIt BartPE CDBurnerXP CDImage Colibri BitLord BlackBox Close_CD-tray ----- 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:50 Program: Adobe Reader UID: ADOBEREADER Order: 900002 Category: Viewers 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:51 cmd1 Success (returned code 0): "C:\Install\Run_CD.exe UAI_AdobeReader" 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:51 Finished installation ----- 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:51 Program: Audacity UID: AUDACITY Order: 900003 Category: MultiMedia 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:52 cmd1 Success (returned code 0): "C:\Install\Run_CD.exe UAI_Audacity" 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:52 Finished installation ----- 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:52 Program: AutoIt UID: AUTOIT Order: 900004 Category: Programing 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:53 cmd1 Success (returned code 0): "C:\Install\Run_CD.exe UAI_AutoIt" 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:53 Finished installation ----- 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:54 Program: BartPE UID: BARTPE Order: 900005 Category: Tools 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:55 cmd1 Success (returned code 0): "C:\Install\Run_CD.exe UAI_BartPE" 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:55 Finished installation ----- 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:55 Program: CDBurnerXP UID: CDBURNERXP Order: 900008 Category: Tools 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:56 cmd1 Success (returned code 0): "C:\Install\Run_CD.exe UAI_CDBurnerXP" 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:56 Finished installation ----- 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:56 Program: CDImage UID: CDIMAGE Order: 900009 Category: Tools 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:57 cmd1 Success (returned code 0): "C:\Install\Run_CD.exe UAI_CDImage" 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:57 Finished installation ----- 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:58 Program: Colibri UID: COLIBRI Order: 900011 Category: Tools 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:59 cmd1 Success (returned code 0): "C:\Install\Run_CD.exe UAI_Colibri" 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:59 Finished installation ----- 18. srpanj 2006 22:08:59 Program: BitLord UID: BITLORD Order: 900006 Category: Internet 18. srpanj 2006 22:09:00 cmd1 Success (returned code 0): "C:\Install\Run_CD.exe UAI_BitLord" 18. srpanj 2006 22:09:00 Finished installation ----- 18. srpanj 2006 22:09:00 Program: BlackBox UID: BLACKBOX Order: 900007 Category: System 18. srpanj 2006 22:09:01 cmd1 Success (returned code 0): "C:\Install\Run_CD.exe UAI_BlackBox" 18. srpanj 2006 22:09:01 Finished installation ----- 18. srpanj 2006 22:09:02 Program: Close_CD-tray UID: CLOSE_CDTRAY Order: 900010 Category: Registry Tweaks 18. srpanj 2006 22:09:03 cmd1 Success (returned code 0): "C:\Install\Run_CD.exe UAI_Close_CD-tray" 18. srpanj 2006 22:09:03 Finished installation ----- Install process finished at: 18. srpanj 2006 22:09:03
  5. .Net 1 (with or without SP1 slipstreamed) - netfx.msi =/qn /norestart .Net 2 - install.exe /q I don't remember slipstreaming procedure for SP1... sorry
  6. 1) I wanna setup my ObjectDock and copy settings to my installation, but have no clue to where the settings are stored 2) Is there a simple way of registration like copying files or adding regestry? If not what is simplest way of registration? Thanks
  7. I have a D-Link printer server. When installing it I create a connection to local prtinter trough a new printer port. I have Lexmark Z12 and it's drivers downloaded on my PC, but now, I would like to make an Unattended installation for it. Any idea???
  8. Ok, problem solved trough taskbar properties Thanks for help
  9. I am quite shure he tryed clicking somewhere else before asking the question on a forum, but ok, i will ask him for keyboard button
  10. He checked his mouse... at last that's what he said
  11. A friend is complaining that he can't use right click in Windows Start menu, and cause of that can't sort or do anything with items in it... Any idea? Help? Thanks
  12. OK, I tried to edit this file but: --- I tryed replaceing Bitmap 5 (as that is the image i wanted to replace) and nothing happend --- I tryed replaceing Bitmap 1 and i got a black screen with blue progress bar (a standard one) WHY??? Oh yeah, by what i see, Bitmap 1 is by default black totaly!
  13. I tried this, with XP-Pro-SP2, and i still get old boot screen. I checked file on CD, it was replaced... What could have went wrong???
  14. For those that rather use original setup EXE here is an AutoIt script to install your Picasa silently $exe_file_name = "picasa2-current.exe" RunWait (@ScriptDir & "\" & $exe_file_name & " /S",@ScriptDir) Local $i = 0 ; counter for time passed (fail safe way to end script after some amount of time Local $epicasa = 0; will be 1 if Picasa was executed (started) Local $edetector = 0; will be 1 if Picasa was executed (started) Local $kpicasa = 0; will be 1 if Picasa was killed (stoped) Local $kdetector = 0; will be 1 if Picasa was killed (stoped) ; as long as bouth weren't killed and it hasn't passed 60 * 0,5 seconds While (Not(($kdetector) And ($kpicasa)) And ($i < 60)) ;if Picasa2 is started mark it started and try to close it If ProcessExists("Picasa2.exe") Then $epicasa = 1 ProcessClose("Picasa2.exe") EndIf ;if PicasaMediaDetector is started mark it started and try to close it If ProcessExists("PicasaMediaDetector.exe") Then $edetector = 1 ProcessClose("PicasaMediaDetector.exe") EndIf ; if applications were started and don't exist anymore, mark them killed If (($epicasa) And Not(ProcessExists("Picasa2.exe"))) Then $kpicasa=1 If (($edetector) And Not(ProcessExists("PicasaMediaDetector.exe"))) Then $kdetector=1 ;wait 0,5 seconds then increase timer Sleep (500) $i = $i + 1 WEnd At the start of this code there is a $exe_file_name variable. Change it to your setup.exe and compile the script.
  15. When installing a program from MSI file, I would like to know: What files are copyed and where What is imported in regestry and where Any ideas? Thanks.
  16. OK, here is the deal. I have my satelite pluged in to my TV card. Now, cause I am useing a program other then one that came with my card, I had to reroute my satelite audio from TV card to my Audio card. My program (when I turn it on) sets up Audio of "Line In" to the way it wants and then after I close it it returns to the way "Line In" was before. Now the main things I want are: Set "Line In" to minimum as default Set "Line In" to Mute as default Set "Line In" as default audio recordeing source Any ideas? Thanks
  17. If I'm not mistakeing, autopartiton is more like "Automaticly select partition". It will look for firsth partition that: 1) Doesn't have Windows (or mabey any OS) installed 2) Has enough space for Windows installation I may be wrong, but thats how I understood autopartiton works.
  18. Wow, Thanks very much... I am impressed!!!!!!! THANKS Anyway... just this Line In Volume... what about that????
  19. OK, I've mooded almost everything I want in my unattended installation, but there are still few things i need... I want that these things are show by default: My Computer (Desktop) My Documents (Desktop) Quick Launch Bar (Task Bar) But wait... I want more Line in Audio Volume set to 0 Line in Audio Volume set to Mute So if anybody has any clue to any of this things (ok, I've seen that there is Quick Launch Bar tweak few posts back, so I will try it tommorow) please post them. Thanks everybody

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