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  1. solutin valid only for unattended/oem install, not for all.
  2. Foobar 2000 with ALL the default component installed (the RADO update don't' install most component -archive support- for example!) plus...: Monkey's Audio decoding support http://www.foobar2000.org/components/foo_input_monkey.zip foo_ui_columns.dll (columns) http://yuo.be/columns.php foo_dop.dll (ipod) http://yuo.be/ipod.php in this way this player return usable & perfect for all use tnx in advance theSLug
  3. don't work for me if i extract the msi and launch, this is the result: is a my problem, or a problem of the cab? bye great johndoe theSLug
  4. tnx man!!! emm.. update the 3d title
  5. great man, 2.0.0beta6 is out, if u want, update :D:D tnx in advance Zc
  6. working page: http://hostap.epitest.fi/wpa_supplicant/
  7. heiiiiiiiiiii, where is the pack :D radoooooooooo
  8. works well whit XP, and run the vista installation. a GREAT free VM imho! theSLug
  9. try asap, potentially a great free software. tnx jm for post this
  10. theSLug


    anyone make this? pleaseeee
  11. hi rado, if you want, integrate this 2 file into components folder by default. foo_ui_columns.dll (columns) http://yuo.be/columns.php foo_dop.dll (ipod) http://yuo.be/ipod.php 2 of the most great addon component for FB2K. theSLug
  12. is possible? creating a runonce cab or script for prepare explorer? modify the default mouse pointers scheme? tnx in advance theSLug
  13. iso tools founded on ryan's forum, posted by dumpydooby if anyone help me about the script...
  14. - a program can make a link on the rigth click to make a iso from a folder - a example script to create a runonce addon for custom order of start menu tnx in advance theSLug
  15. my request: detect UP type and divide in UP screen RunOnce from SVCPACK etc etc great work nuhi! & happy new year!
  16. problem not present with my first build based on 1.3b
  17. downloaded file is corrupt (0 byte), or only a my problem?
  18. GREAT PRESENT NUHI! you are great!
  19. is a hotfix order problem, the hotfix works great.
  20. another test. no addon pack, no drv, same result. attached configuration file hash of the initial iso are: MD5: 44912ED4AD09F0D2CA5066A16209F717 SHA1: 81D435801ED0226961DABD99E164BF357A9B7DBA is not possible! but is possible login from RDP without local login, not a xp features, great if is possible RElogin from local, but none in this case.
  21. from: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/planet/ August 17, 2006
  22. you are a great man... Changelog from Beta4
  23. the problem persist with v1.2.1. if anyone can help me?
  24. wow, 180visit, Zc, you want to update the pack to beta5? tnx in advance
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