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  1. Gelome, you hooked me up! I was able to finally achieve what I intended to do. I had to run these CLI commands on the server. To update 7.0 MSI to 7.0.5: E:\Acrobat7Standard\705Patch\Ac705StVP_efgj.msp /a E:\Acrobat7Standard\AdobeAcrobat70Standard\AcroStan.msi /qb! 7.0.5 to 7.0.7: E:\Acrobat7Standard\707Patch\Acro707.msp /a E:\Acrobat7Standard\AdobeAcrobat70Standard\AcroStan.msi /qb! No spaces and periods in UNC path! That fixed my problem. After you update the MSI to 7.0.7, you must create a new transform file.
  2. Thanks for your suggestions. Unfortunately I'm still having the same error. I have tried running the following commands, and all that happens is a "Windows Installer" box appears and then disappears when I hit OK (see attachment). Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. I successfully created a GPO to push Acrobat 7.0. Now I would like to patch the MSI file so that the computers in the OU will get Acrobat 7.0.7, not just 7.0. This is proving to be very difficult, however. I have the following folders set up on the Windows 2000 SP4 server: \\server_name\Acrobat7Standard\Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Standard\AcroStan.msi \\server_name\Acrobat7Standard\7.0.5 Patch\Ac705StVP_efgj.msp \\server_name\Acrobat7Standard\7.0.7 Patch\Acro707.msp I tried running some commands that I found on other webpages but all they do is make a "Windows Installer" box appear containing some various switches and options that you can use. I tested the installation process at bootup and it's still not pushing v7.0.7. This is a volume license installation using a volume license key; do I need volume license patches to go with it? If so, where could I get them? Any ideas? Thanks for your help.
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