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  1. Windows Browser problems.

    The computer is wired via a very long Ethernet cable. Compared to the working computer? Well, like I said, I dual boot. It's the same computer, it's just under WinXP that I get these problems, not in Ubuntu. That leads me to believe there is some setting in XP that must of been messed with, but I have no clue what it would be...
  2. Windows Browser problems.

    I have it set to use the DNS from the router, which uses the DNS settings from OpenDNS. Yea, but just SP2 and patches streamlined... Well, I pinged a site 15 times (-n 15) and I had no packet loss...
  3. I've been having some major issues with my recently built PC. For some reason, under Windows XP my browsers have major problems loading websites and such.Many times I end up hitting refresh WAY more than I should. Sometimes, a page won't even load, no matter how many F5's I slam. however, one of the strangest things that happens is (mainly happens in FF, since its my main browser, but I think I've seen it in IE7 as well): I'll open my browser and visit a page, have another tab open or whatever as well. Sometimes, when loading a new page or tab, it will try loading an image from some previous site I visited!! Incredibly annoying. For example, let's say I go to msfn.org right? Then I try visiting digg.com or something, and what I get is an error saying "could not find /images/header/msn_banner.jpg" or something like that, as if I were still on the MSFN page. Sometimes when I try loading blogger for instance, all it will load is the 16x16 favicon, and DISPLAY that as the webpage! I really have no clue what's going on, but I know it's only on this computer (laptop does NOT have this problem), it's not FF specific (IE and Kmeleon also do the hang-on-load, and I'm sure IE has done that screwed up loading thing, in fact, so has Thunderbird when loading RSS feeds) and it's under XP (as my Ubuntu dual-boot also does not have this issue). Any ideas?
  4. Windows screwing my connection...

    Ahhh...I hope this isn't too much of a rez (though it was my thread) BUT... following up I figured out it was Sygate. And disabling stopped the problem. So I installed Kerio, and I don't know if its just now that I upload a large file again or what, but it's started doing it again. And disabling Kerio doesn't help. Yea I use Azureus and thats the wierd thing. Why do all my P2p apps work fine, Teamspeak too, when they use a lot of upload also, but when I try uploading any file over 2MB continually to anything it disconnects me. Has anyone had this problem? I had a custom nLite Windows...
  5. Sygate Personal Firewall is giving me a headache becuase it won't allow me to upload more than a megabyte before it disconnects itself from the internet. I was uploading a Flash movie I made onto my FTP, its about 2 MB, but at 50-65% it froze. I tried uploading smaller files from 500Kb-1MB and once I got up to a MB it continually disconnected me from the internet and then reconnected in a minute or 2. I've never had this problem before, and I thought it might've been my comp since I had just reinstalled Windows. So I check on my laptop and its the same freaking deal. Then I go onto my Linux machine, upload and it works fine. So what the heck? Today I'm trying to download Mandriva from a torrent and I obviously can't because after every couple of minutes my connection drops. WHY!?!
  6. Fast process killing...

    Yea, it was a tweak in nLite. You know when you close a program too fast and that "End now" dialog appears? Well, thats what I want to slow down, so that I don't get "end Down" dialogs for so many programs.
  7. So I did a new format with a nice nLite tweaked CD. Its awesome and stuff, but I don't like that the process killing is so fast! Its a fast shutdown, but when I shutdown I just walk away. How do I raise the time allowed on programs to close, before that error message of the program closing pops up?
  8. Network is broken...

    I was wondering how I'm suppose to properly set up my home network. It would seem like an easy task, and its worked before, but Windows is crap and well...now its broken. Right now I had a DGL-4300 Wireless gaming router, and a westell modem for my DSL. 2 Comps and one laptop, laptop connected to the obvious wireless network. Problem: Comp1 can't access any shares on Comp2 or the Laptop. Comp2 can't acess either of em also. NET VIEW on comp1 shows all the comps, Comp2 and laptop can't bring up any workgroup comps though. Now for instance, I tried sharing the Printer on Comp2 by using the address \\Comp2\Printer, and what happened was I found a work around by using the network IP. \\\Printer worked for w/e freaking reason. And the same thing happened with all the shares, I had to use the netowork IP. But I did this with an older Netgear Router, now on this one I can't even do that. I just found out to, that I cannot ping any of the computers in Command Prompt from Comp1, and according the network troubleshooter it means I have some hardware problem? The laptop can ping Comp1 and not Comp2, and Comp2 can ping comp1 and not the laptop! I have no clue which comp is sharing whose internet connection. They just both connect online somehow, without the other needing to be on. And it really sucks having to start an FTP server or using Trillian to send files. WTH is up with this? Is there a way that I can reset the network settings Windows has?
  9. System Clock

    Interesting...this is on a 1 year old Dell btw Thought it would be battery, wonder why it crapped up now...
  10. System Clock

    Just as the topic says, my system clock changes time and today even said it was tomorrow! What the heck is going on with it? A syncing always gets ti right...why is it happening... No virus spy/adware on machine either...
  11. Whats your ISP?

    Bellsouth FastAccess DSL...
  12. I read something that someone's CD wouldn't let you delete the bkgrd's and .scr's of Windows, but what if the install only deletes the backgrounds but for some reason, the screensavers are still there? What would be the problem?