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  1. Partition Problem

    tried partition magic told me it couldnt find an undeletable space is there not a guru way
  2. Partition Problem

    Hiya peeps ive been browsing the site for a bit and practising breaking my pc god bless cmos clr on one of many reeboots i left my external hdd plugged in and thinking my c:/ had made a partition somehow i deleted it now i have done nothing more to the hdd no format no added files so it has just had a win disc partition delete is there any way that i can undo said stupidity ( 2 yrs work on there ) Edit: Topic Title and Description edited. Please follow the MSFN Posting Rules. - Gouki
  3. Re-installation XP

    I used to get this the version is newer setup will now exit tough shi7e ::bye:: goto add remove programs then uninstall sp2 reeboot from cd 1st priority setting walla sorry if it is a bit l8 as for saving ya files you r gonna need a usb to ide cable dont get fooled by these new fangled external hdd enclosure connectors they often need drivers installed and it freaks them out when ya add a different hdd see http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/IDE-to-USB-2-0-CABLE...1QQcmdZViewItem or this 1 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2-5-LAPTOP-HD-TO-3-5...1QQcmdZViewItem then ya just plug ya hdd into it and goto docs n settings as if it were a running sys copy all ya files and then goto the icon for the drive add-on in my computer right click on it and select format format dun install time good luk m8e
  4. rsrus from uk has arrived

    ok first newbie comment err why !! am i showin me ignorance ere I just use em
  5. Geek Lady Here!

    hiya i'm a newbie too
  6. Customize your boot screen!

    erm newbie ok so i dont have a # 10bmp any ideas
  7. bear with me ppl i am a bit of a newbie played with html in notepad and got bored of it got bored with using other ppl's cracks n patches so thought id better learn to do them mesself trying to change my boot logo scrn first good yet fiddled with me ie6 using gpedit any stoopid ppls guide to changing boot logo scrn would be top hope to helpas wellas drain so see ya on the board B)
  8. [SEC] Uncrackable Passwords!

    well that explains everything