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  1. [Release] Windows XP PowerPacker

    Was just wondering, what program are you using to create that splash screen at the initial loading screen? The only .csi I can think of is Corel something... I'd like to be able to put my own there.... with references of course. Cheers, Scott
  2. [Release] Windows XP PowerPacker

    Wonfderful program I must agree, but I'm having a problem here... I've added two XP Corporate installations (one nLited with SP2 etc). These were all built fine and I packaged the ISO to find it was too large to burn. Going back through the directories I removed some apps to fix that, however, I can't simply run the "Package ISO" command now can I? From what I understand you have to have JUST added a pack (and not left the program) before you can package? Cheers, Scott EDIT- Scratch that... it DOES work, but I have to set all the parameters to the last "Pack" input...
  3. I'm trying to discover what process works for making a slimmed down SP2 Unattended CD. What I'm trying to remove is MUI, OOBE selected elements from jdeboeck's REMOVE script... Has anyone else done this successfully?? I've tried several combinations but I can't seem to get the desired result... Closest I got was... 1) Jdeboeck's remove scripts (MPlayer, Outlook, Games, Drivers etc) 2) Apply SP2 RC1 3) Remove OOBE 4) Remove MUI But upon logon I was greeted with several missing DLL's which consistently crashed me back to reboot... Any success stories would be appreciated, along with the method of making them... Thanks, Scott
  4. Xplode with win xp sp2 rc1

    Kingroach, do you have a copy of Win XP slipstreamed with SP2 and XPlode is working?? I didn't understand your last message...
  5. Been trying this for the last few days...

    Ok, tested running XPlode in my current install with the logging extension... and it worked no problem, now... the only difference between my installation and the virtual one are SP2, and removed MUI and OOBE on the virtual.... don't know if this could be the problem... but it's the only difference that I can see... Cheers anyways, Scott
  6. Been trying this for the last few days...

    Sweet, thanks mate... oh and good to see this is the project of a fellow aussie!! Nice work man! [edit] Well, I tried what you guys suggested; I can't seem to run XPlode through the command prompt, either through a batch, or through direct entry... I get no display and upon checking the program files directory there is no change either.... little stumped here.... Can't see anything else wrong with the xml syntax, everything is closed, all the program install arguments shouldn't interfere now... dunno.... [/edit] Scott
  7. Been trying this for the last few days...

    Hey guys, yeah wraith, I tried with and without the /log file... will add it for future reference though... Thanks kman, will add the reference to regedit.. it's under system32 right? anyways I'll have a look... So XPlode can be run from command after windows has actually been installed can it?? I tried before from the run dialog, but I'll give it a go in a dos prompt. Thanks for your help guys, Scott
  8. Been trying this for the last few days...

    I made the changes to line 113 and 114 removing the <> but it's still not running. I'm not getting any log created so it seems that rather than not parsing the xml, it isn't even actually running XPlode.... Any ideas? Scott
  9. Been trying this for the last few days...

    Sorry, bout the key.. forgot it.... The reason I used the <> syntax was because that's how that programs recognisesa silent install... didn't think they would work with xml though... will retry without them and see how I go... Thanks, Scott
  10. Ok, so I've gone throught the guide... (and although it seems pretty out of date still referring to xpinstall I understood it all) Here is what I have to far cmdlines.txt [Commands] "%systemdrive%\Install\XPlode.exe /log:#systemdrive#\Install\XPlode.log" winnt.sif [SetupParams] UserExecute="%SystemDrive%\Install\XPlode.exe" xplode.xml (in $oem$\$1\install) <XPlode> <config> <hidewindow>Windows Update</hidewindow> <hidewindow>CMD.EXe</hidewindow> <show total='6' after='2' subcount='true' /> <!-- turn antialiasing OFF if you're running GUIinstall mode --> <font face='Tahoma' antialias='false' small='8' large='12' /> <!-- note the position attribute - it is listed in 'x,y' positions. --> <!-- 0..8 still may be used. --> <window width='400' position='200,64' fixmain='0' /> <!-- Example Standalone graphics mode --> <windowmode>Standalone</windowmode> <colours> <header back='#003399' fore='#FFFFFF' image='%XPLODE%\images\head.png' /> <footer back='#003399' fore='#FFFFFF' image='%XPLODE%\images\foot.png' /> <progress border='#FFFFFF' back='#00000000' fore='#FFFFFFAA' fore2='#00000033' /> <main back='#FF00FF' fore='#FFFFFF' current='#FFFF00' description='#FFFFFF' image='%XPLODE%\images\main.png' overlay='#FFFFFF22'/> </colours> <!-- Example GUI install mode --> <!-- <windowmode>GUIinstall</windowmode> <colours> <header fore='#FFFFFF' /> <footer fore='#FFFFFF' /> <progress border='#000000' back='#FFFFFF' fore='#008800' fore2='#00FF00' /> <main fore='#FFFFFF' current='#FFFF00' description='#FFFFFF' overlay='#00000000'/> </colours> --> <strings> <!-- main XPlode string --> <title>Post-Install Configuration</title> <complete>complete</complete> <!-- adduser plugin strings --> <adduser>Adding user #1#</adduser> <addusertogroup>Adding user #1# to group #2#</addusertogroup> <addgroup>Adding group #1#</addgroup> <!-- file/dir ops plugin strings --> <copy>Copying #1# (#2#/#3# - #4#)</copy> <move>Moving #1# (#2#/#3# - #4#)</move> <delete>Deleting #1# (#3#)</delete> <!-- shortcut plugin --> <shortcut>Adding shortcut: #1#</shortcut> </strings> </config> <items> <item display='Adding users and groups...'> <!-- note the different use of quotes due to the data held in them --> <adduser username='*******' password='********' groups='Administrators' fullname='Kody Jacobs' comment="The usual suspect" /> </item> <item display='Registry Tweaks for *****'> <!-- note the username and password --> <execute display='Applying tweaks...' program='regedit' arguments='/s "%systemdrive%\install\tweaks.reg"' username='*******' password='*****' /> </item> <item display='7-Zip'> <execute display='Installing 7-Zip...' program='%systemdrive%\Install\archival\7z313.exe' arguments='-y /q /r:n' /> </item> <item display='Nero Burning ROM 6316'> <execute display='Installing Nero Burning ROM' program='%systemdrive%\Install\burning\nero6316.exe' arguments='/SN= /WRITE_SN /SILENT /NOREBOOT' /> </item> <item display='K-Lite Codecs'> <execute display='Installing K-Lite Codecs...' program='%systemdrive%\Install\codecs\klmcodec100.exe' arguments='/verysilent /sp- /dir="C:\Program Files\Codecs\KLITE"' /> </item> <item display='WMA Runtimes'> <execute display='Installing WMA Runtimes...' program='%systemdrive%\Install\codecs\WMFDist.exe' arguments='/Q' /> </item> <item display='WMA Codecs'> <execute display='Installing WMA Codecs...' program='%systemdrive%\Install\codecs\wmacodec.exe' arguments='/Q:U /R:N' /> </item> <item display='Motherboard Monitor'> <execute display='Installing Motherboard Monitor' program='%systemdrive%\Install\diagnostic\mbm5360.exe' arguments='/silent' /> </item> <item display='Daemon Tools 3.44'> <execute display='Installing Daemon Tools 3.44...' program='%systemdrive%\Install\emulation\daemon344.exe' arguments='REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS /qn' /> </item> <item display='VMWare 4.00'> <execute display='Installing VMWare 4.00...' program='%systemdrive%\Install\emulation\VMWARE400_4460.EXE' arguments='/S /V"/QN REBOOT=Suppress"' /> </item> <item display='Adobe Acrobat 6.01'> <execute display='Installing Adobe Acrobat 6.01...' program='%systemdrive%\Install\internet\AdbeRdr60_enu_full.exe' arguments='-p"-s /v\"/qn\""' /> </item> <item display='BigPond Cable Login'> <execute display='Installing BigPond Cable Login...' program='%systemdrive%\Install\internet\BPCable.EXE' arguments='/QB' /> </item> <item display='BigPond Cable Toolbar'> <execute display='Installing BigPond Cable Toolbar...' program='%systemdrive%\Install\internet\bptsetup.exe' arguments='/QB' /> </item> <item display='Flash FXP 2.1'> <execute display='Installing Flash FXP 2.1...' program='%systemdrive%\Install\internet\FlashFXP_21.exe' arguments='/Silent' /> </item> <item display='MS Java'> <execute display='Installing Miscrosoft Java...' program='%systemdrive%\Install\internet\msjavx86.exe' arguments='"/c:"javatrig.exe /exe_install /l /q /qq" /q:a /r:n"' /> </item> <item display='Sun Java'> <execute display='Installing Sun Java' program='%systemdrive%\Install\internet\j2re-1_4_2_04.exe' arguments='/s /v"/qn REBOOT=Suppress"' /> </item> <item display='MYIE2'> <execute display='Installing MYIE2' program='%systemdrive%\Install\internet\M2Combo.exe' arguments='/S' /> </item> <item display='CDEX 1.51'> <execute display='Installing CDEX 1.51...' program='%systemdrive%\Install\media\cdex_151.exe' arguments='/s /D=C:\Program Files\CDEX' /> </item> <item display='dbPowerAmp Music Converter 10'> <execute display='Installing dbPowerAmp Music Converter 10...' program='%systemdrive%\Install\media\dMC.exe' arguments='<Silent>' />\ <execute display='Installing dbPowerAmp Lame Encoder...' program='%systemdrive%\Install\media\dMCLame.exe' arguments='<Silent>' /> </item> <item display='Foobar 2000 0.8'> <execute display='Installing Foobar 2000 0.8...' program='%systemdrive%\Install\media\Foobar.exe' arguments='/S' /> </item> <item display='Partition Magic 8'> <execute display='Installing Partition Magic 8...' program='%systemdrive%\Install\system\pm8\setup\setup.exe' arguments='/S /V/QN' /> </item> <item display='TweakUI 2.10 Powertoy'> <execute display='Installing TweakUI 2.10 Powertoy...' program='%systemdrive%\Install\tweaks\TweakUI.msi' arguments='/qb' /> </item> <item display='Objectdock 1.0'> <execute display='Installing Objectdock 1.0...' program='%systemdrive%\Install\tweaks\objectdock.exe' arguments='/S' /> <execute display='Configuring Objectdock' program='%systemdrive%\Program Files\Stardock\ObjectDock\ObjectDock.exe' arguments='-ah1 -ps1 -pa2 -m1' /> <execute display='Closing Objectdock' program='%systemdrive%\Install\pskill.exe' arguments='objectdock.exe' /> </item> </items> </XPlode> And I'm not having any luck, at either the t-12 minute mark, from cmdlines.txt or the t-9 mark from winnt.sif Can someone please suggest something because I've been through it with a least 15 variations and I can't get it.... Thanks, Oh, I'm using XP SP2, jedboecks removal techniques, removed OOBE and MUI... Cheers, Scott